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How to Tell if Your Date is Interested in You Using Body Language

The body language of attraction

Everybody wishes to be a mind-reader. Wouldn’t the dating world be easier if you could just gain insight into your date’s mind’s inner workings without them knowing it?

According to ACM 55 per cent of our communication arises from our bodily expressions, with only 7 per cent coming from our words. Well, isn’t that surprising? You’d know more about your date from their body language rather than if you spent the entire night talking to each other!

So how can you tell whether he or she is into you? While some signs may be straightforward, others will seem completely confusing. Read on to discover the subconscious ways your date uses his or her body to tell you that they’re into you.

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It’s All Written in Their Face

Facial expressions, although maybe controlled, can be dead giveaways of your date’s thoughts. Here are a few things you need to watch out for:

  • Head tilt- A slight head tilt indicates a subconscious way your date may be showing you that he or she likes you.
  • Eyebrow lift- People’s eyebrows tend to lift quickly when they see someone they are attracted to.
  • Flirty smile- They wouldn’t smile if they weren’t into you!
  • Eye contact- Stronger eye contact and gazes lasting for more than two seconds are surefire indicators that your date is interested in you.
  • Lips part- If your date likes what he or she sees, their lips will automatically part for a moment when your eyes first lock.
  • Flared nostrils- Together with raised brows and parted lips give the whole face a friendly, “open” expression.

Leaning In

If you notice that your date leans into you or frequently point their feet towards you, it means they’re attracted to you. If the act is coupled with a lingering gaze, he or she is surely interested in you. They would tend to sit forward, raise their eyebrows, or gasp when you tell a story because they feel thrilled with the manner that you connect with them.

Pay Attention to Their Touch

 If your date touches their hair, face, clothes, glass, or beer bottle often, chances are they are sexually attracted to you. The fidgeting and hand gestures all point to one thing: they are flirting with you and attracting you to a certain part of their body.

Moreover, if your date is interested in you, they’ll find any excuse to touch you. It could be a simple touch on your arm when you say something funny or brushing hair off your face. It is also important where they touch you. Touching your back, upper thigh/arm, or your sides are all indicative of flirting.

Notice Their Laugh

A man or woman who is attracted to you or is comfortable around you will laugh more easily. They can act exceptionally silly or loud when you’re in the same room. It is also a way for your date to grab your attention. Laughing a lot even if there are nothing particularly funny means that they are encouraging you to continue whatever you are doing.

The Way They Sit/Stand Next to You

 They may try to move in closer when you don’t seem to be watching. If they set their feet apart, especially among men, it would mean that they are trying to impress you. Others signs which may tell you that he’s interested in you include: pressing their calves against yours, leaning their head on yours or your shoulder, or if he playfully nudges or pushes you.

The Lingering Hug

If you cap the night by hugging each other, notice whether he or she lingers a little bit longer than your casual hug. It would mean that they are longing for physical contact with you and that they’re definitely into you.

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