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How to Improve Your Self Confidence when Dating?

How to Improve Your Self Confidence when Dating?

Even the most confident people can be overcome by nerves on a first date.

Whether you are feeling a bout of full-blown nervousness or simply a little bit of jitters, you too can have confidence when you are dating simply by knowing what to focus on and being prepared.

You really  can boost your confidence when dating to a whole new level, so sit back, relax and apply these tips:

Be Prepared!

You are not preparing for a battle; you are prepping up for a date, so familiarize yourself with possible topics of conversation. It’s a first date, so don’t expect your date to be philosophical about everything. If you come well prepared, everybody will think you are confident.

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Look Your Best!

The statement “Dress to Impress” sounds all too familiar, and it may just be applicable on a first date. I’m not saying you have to channel your inner James Bond with a coat and a tie, always prioritize comfort over style, and wear something decent and suitable that makes you comfortable or else your date will notice any discomfort on your part.

Seventeen has a great article titled, so make sure you take a quick look before that first date: 12 First Date Outfits That’ll Have You Feeling Flirty and Fabulous.

Don’t Put a Façade!

Don’t give your date a false idea of yourself. Here comes the cliché you are tired of hearing “Be Yourself”. Don’t force yourself into wanting something you don’t or pretending you agree with your date even if you don’t.

Radiate Confidence.

You can do this by reminding yourself of your past achievements or the battles you have triumphed. Do anything before your date that can lift your spirit. By the time you are on your date, you will be a picture of confidence.

Be Positive and Smile!

Avoid negative thoughts and self-serving statements. As much as possible, focus on affirmative and engaging conversations, and don’t forget to smile because a smile goes a long way; it’s friendly, warm and inviting.

It’s just a date! Stop thinking about the outcome because you’ll lose focus, and you’ll end up doubting yourself and being pessimistic about everything. Instead, enjoy the experience because, as they say, it’s not all about the destination; it’s about the journey.