4 ways to find love in Australia

Finding love. Why is it such a struggle?

Theoretically, it should be easy to find a true love partner and someone with whom you can spend lots of quality time together.

4 ways to find love in Australia

But, the reality is far from fairy tales and dreams. We live in a world where finding an equal partner and meeting someone in your age group you also have chemistry with is super hard. Yes, you might go out to the gym, shopping or the occasional drink on a Friday night after work, but meeting new, exciting people is becoming harder in this social media-obsessed world. Finding a partner is difficult with so many people using dating apps and playing the field online, going from one date to the next searching for something better. Plus, with busy, hectic lives, living in big cities where people stick to their social circles, and with all your married friends married, how the hell will you find love?

If you want to pull yourself out of self-pity and stop fretting about your love life, this article will help you on your journey. I will highlight four ways to help you find true love in megacities like Sydney and Melbourne.

Love yourself first?

According to Psychology Today, you have to love yourself first and be in a positive frame of mind before even thinking about meeting someone new. In this terrible COVID situation where we are going from one lockdown to the next, it’s essential to remain positive and have a healthy attitude. If you let yourself go for whatever reason, you limit your chances of meeting someone special. In cities like Sydney and Melbourne, where people are gym obsessed, it’s a good idea to keep fit and in shape, before you start going out on dates. Looking good as you stare in the mirror will make you feel a lot better about yourself, and your potential partner will notice this very quickly. Toned bodies, great skin and a positive frame of mind are strong selling points that you can control, so take advantage of having a beautiful body whenever you can.

Break the routine now!

How often do you do the same things? You go to the same gym, walk around the same park, same work environment and get the same takeaway every day. It’s a routine and can lead you into the path of not finding someone. The logic is that you haven’t met someone in your current routine; how will you meet them if you don’t change it up a bit? By now, any intelligent person should realise that keeping the same pattern is not going to bring your love through the door? Changing routine is a great way to challenge you to meet new people and put yourself in new environments. You might like to learn a new skill, take a new class or learn a new sport. Whatever you do, it’s essential to break the cycle of your current patterns.

Forget online dating!

The Conversation tells us that research out there suggests the probability of a match using dating apps such as Tinder is low. Sure, you can get on these apps and have some fun and play the field but remember, easy in, easy out. People are on these apps looking for something they’ll never find with an attitude that there is always someone better with the next right swipe. Tinder, Bumble and Hinge are the same with game players and people who lie and have disingenuous intentions.

Meeting love on the internet is not your best bet if you want to find lasting love with an equal. Yes, you may have heard success stories about someone who married their partner that they met on Tinder, but this is the exception. I know this is a dating agency site but you have a better chance of meeting someone special if you use the services of a matchmaker.

Be clear about what you want!

When you are dating someone, you must be open, honest, and upfront about your intentions and what you want out of a relationship. If they want kids and you don’t, this might be a deal-breaker and enough not to progress to the second or third date. Perhaps your just looking for a platonic relationship while the other person wants to get married. For you to find a genuine connection and real love, you both have to be on the same page. You have to make up your mind from the get-go that you will be truthful to your dating.

However, be careful to avoid being too pushy, opening up too much or intense. You don’t want to scare off a potential match or partner! Be calm, confident, honest and ready to accept someone in your life.

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