Over 50’s Dating Advice for Aussie Guys

Guys, if you’ve been out of the dating scene and your over 50, don’t stress. The road to finding love doesn’t have to be challenging, it can be exciting.

The following article will give you some helpful tips for guys who are about to launch themselves on the dating scene. Read on; you can thank us later.

Posted by Robyn Nind on 16 June 2020

For most guys, the ’50s are years you would expect to be settled down comfortably with the love of your life watching the kids grow up, going to dinner parties and holidays with you’re family.

But sometimes life throws us a curveball and we end up in situations we’d never thought possible. You might be divorced, going through a separation, lost a loved one or still single and unlucky in love.

Being single in you’re 50’s is not a crime and nor does it reflect any type negative status symbol. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you find that you’re still looking for Mrs Right then the following tips should help you navigate the path of finding love in you’re 50’s.

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Tip 1. Be proactive

Try not to feel sorry for yourself and dwell on what got you into this position. Sure, you may have had some bad luck, but there’s no benefit in expending all this negative energy fretting about your situation. Take the initiative and do something positive about finding a partner. Look at your past experience as a way of showing you what’s important in your life.

Through learning from our experiences and growing as a person, it is now an excellent time to take a strategic approach to meet someone new.

Go on a few dates, keep your options open until you meet someone compatible. Proactivity doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go on hundreds of dates, but it means that you are open-minded to meet someone and are prepared to go on at least one or two dates. If you’re struggling to find a partner, there are numerous online dating apps, but you can also use the services of a dating agency or matchmaker if you want the right result.

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Tip 2. Buy some new clothes

OK, if you’ve been in a relationship or marriage for a long time the one thing you have probably let slip is your sense of fashion. Times have changed, and so does the need for a wardrobe makeover. The best idea is to get a stylist to look at your clothes and go on a shopping trip with you to your nearest Westfield. They are inexpensive, and it’s well worth it to give your look the polish up it needs in preparation for your first date. This will give you a boost lift your energy which will help attract the right person.

Tip 3. Hit the gym

A no-brainer, especially if you have let yourself go and piled on the kilos around the waist. Join a gym, go for a run, do your morning sit-ups, go for a surf and get into shape. You’ll look better, and you will start to feel more confident and better about yourself. Sex appeal and first impressions count when you meet someone for the first time so you must look in shape to make a good impression. Gyms are all open now as COVID-19 eases, so there are no excuses anymore. It is important to love yourself first.

Tip 4. Don’t hit the booze too hard

First dates can be nerve-racking, especially if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time. Making small chit chat can be extremely hard with a stranger and the temptation to ease the nerves by slamming down a few wines can be hard to resist. Take it easy. It’s OK to have one social wine, but more than this may send the wrong message and you may end up saying things you regret. Yes, it’s hard to date when you’ve been out of the loop, but your mojo will come back after a few times. A way to help you is to focus on building a solid friendship first. This takes the pressure off yourself and helps you relax.

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Tip 5. Don’t overdo the aftershave

Don’t put too much of this stuff on. A small amount should suffice and remember you’re not in your 20’s so get a more sophisticated aftershave.

Tip 6. Try to keep ex-girlfriends and wives off-topic

It’s OK to mention your current status but don’t talk about your ex too much. And, never put your ex down in a derogatory fashion. Badmouthing exes ( especially if it was a nasty break up ) makes you look terrible, and it can show a negative side of you that you don’t want to display on a date.

Tip 7. Pay for the coffee, drinks or meal.

Guys be a gentleman. Even if she offers to pay, insist that you’ve got it. Splitting the bill on the first date makes you look cheap and sets a precedent for what life together might look like if you end up being a couple.

Tip 8. Keep your mobile phone in your pocket

Checking your email, your What’s App or even worse making calls on a date is a huge turnoff. She wants you to focus on her and not on your phone. If your phone addiction is so bad that you have to check messages, learn to control yourself.

Tip. 9 Be on time.

Lateness without a decent explanation is a deal-breaker. Don’t keep people waiting. You might think it’s fashionable to be late, but in all honesty, it isn’t polite.

Tip 10. Don’t expect sex on the first date

Just remember your not in your 20’s and those party days are long gone. Expecting any kind of physical intimacy on a first meet and greet is not what you should focus on. You’re looking for a connection, a life partner so you should get to know them first and see if you are compatible. One night stands, friends with benefits or hook-ups are fine if you’re transparent about it from the onset but don’t think long term partner.

In summary

Dating can be daunting especially for those in their 50’s, but it can be made easy with a helping hand. Don’t hesitate to contact a dating agency ( like us at Blue Label Life ) who will do all the hard work for you in your search for the right partner. Plus they can offer you feedback after every date you go on. This way you can fine-tune your dating techniques till you are more comfortable doing this.

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