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Dating Advice for Women That Makes You More Attractive

Dating Advice for Women That Makes You More Attractive

The Game Changer Technique For Women That Makes You More Attractive

Want some dating advice for women that would make you more attractive? What would you do if you knew you could have the man of your dreams supporting you, loving you, and genuinely adoring every part of you?

Wouldn’t that mean you’d have the confidence of a queen, imagine the possibilities!

What if you knew how to magnetize your man and draw him super close to you, and at the same time, everything in your life started working for you so effortlessly, and your dreams fast became a reality?

It would be fabulous, wouldn’t it?

Poor decision-making and stinking thinking hold you back from the results you deserve. If you haven’t found Mr Right yet, it’s not your fault! It’s your thinking, and you’ve been applying outdated techniques up until now.

I believe no matter your situation, whether you’re the world’s biggest dating disaster, men don’t commit to you, or even worse, you keep dating the wrong men and end up feeling broken, it doesn’t matter. That is all about to change for you if you apply my secret formula.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Look at the past, don’t stare at it, and implement small changes to create your desired life.  It’s the tiny things you do now that create the greatest results.

In my training, I  teach you how to have an ultra-sexy x-factor where not only do men want to flock to you, but you’ll also be more popular with women.

If you apply my game-changer techniques, your dating and social life will thrive, you’ll excel in your career, and most importantly, you will feel so happy and calm within. In fact, you’ll glow like a goddess!

Everybody wants to be around a goddess! Now that doesn’t mean being a supermodel. What it does mean is being the best version of you.

Nigella Lawson is a lady that does this well; men and women ogle over her. She stops traffic because she is sexy in her mind, which means she can’t help but ooze charm externally, which is why her presence is so sexy! She is a woman in her 50s, and whilst she is beautiful, she isn’t a supermodel.

Nigella is attractive because she is passionate and positive, lives in the moment, and truly enjoys simple pleasures.

I started drinking “Lady Gray tea” because of this lady.

I remember the commercial; she was so seductive and sensual.  I wanted to experience the tea; the feeling I was getting as she described it drew me in.

That’s the key – it’s the feeling you give others when they are around you.

The game-changer technique that makes you more attractive is making your man feel like a million dollars in your presence.

When you make a man feel good, he naturally wants to spend more time with you.

Show your man appreciation, tell him what you like about him, and be playful. If you bring out your inner child, it is so refreshing for him to be in your presence.

Remember, all day long; he feels the pressure of work, the stress of traffic and the fast pace of life we live in.

If you make him feel good, he will move mountains for you!

Goddess Appeal Defined:

  • It’s a state of absolute confidence, calmness, security, and internal happiness. There is no ego; it is all heart space full of passion. A goddess takes full responsibility for her life and understands she is where she is because of her decisions; she also knows she is in control and can change things instantly.

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Women’s Traits that Every Man Loves

Women’s Traits that Every Man Loves

Every man’s dream consists of finding the woman whom they can share the rest of their life with, women’s traits that every man loves can vary extensively. That very special woman would win his heart not merely with physical attractiveness but beyond what his eyes can see. This woman will capture his heart and will make him have one of the most, if not the most important decision in his life and that is to spend a lifetime together with her.

Women’s Traits that Every Man Loves

Forget those curves because it does not belong on men’s criteria for the woman of their dreams, if boys dig those humps and long legs, men look for traits that are more essential to help him find the one, the traits that would make a woman lovelier, the special traits that can finally make him decide to settle down and have a family.

Dating Advice for Independent Women

Here are a few of the traits that every man loves:

  • Independence

What’s not to love with an independent woman? Someone who exactly knows what she wants! Even when most men love to do some saving, they still love a woman who does not depend on him about everything. She must be able to decide on her own but he will be there to support her.

  • Confidence

A woman who has high self-esteem is confident about herself and she loves herself beyond all her failures and flaws and will surely do the same for him. She should know her worth without waiting for him to be affirmed every day. In this modern times, everything seems challenging but with a confident woman who backs you up with your decisions and inspires you to move forward, well, that’s a delight!

  • Intelligence

According to Professor David Bainbridge of the University of Cambridge, intelligence is by far the most attractive quality for men looking for a long term partner because it demonstrates that his chosen partner is likely to be a responsible parent.

An intelligent woman is a critical thinker who can come up with interesting conversations and that just attracts men even more. Good reasoning and understanding can do much in a relationship.

  • Maturity

Men go for emotionally and mentally mature women. They are women who know how to handle difficult situations and more importantly themselves. Maturity is definitely part of being in a serious relationship more importantly in deciding to have a family.

  • Honesty

Honesty is a pre-requisite of any relationship. An honest woman will make any man comfortable and secure about a relationship. Relationships don’t really last when presented with lies and betrayal.

  • Optimism

    Men want women who can be their life partner, and life can sometimes be difficult and challenging, a partner who motivates you and rides with you through life’s hardships with encouraging state can make your relationship last.

  • Fun or Playful

Men look for women who know how to have fun and can be spontaneous. It’s not all challenges in a relationship, recreation and enjoyment are essential parts of surviving relationships as well. So if a woman can have clean fun with a man, then she gets his vote!

These are just a few of women’s traits that every man loves. A perfect woman exists, although that really depends on man’s individual interest and preference. Whatever he hopes for in a relationship or how he is planning to settle down, aforementioned women traits are what men love.

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Special Qualities of a Man that Mean He’s a Keeper!

What are some special qualities of a man that mean he’s a keeper? You are dating this man and the feeling seems mutual, you like him and he likes you. What can possibly go wrong when you appear to have a common interest for each other?

Is the man you are with worth your affection? Is he that one great man you hope to spend the rest of your life with? What are the signs he is a keeper? Let me show you girlfriend!
signs he is a keeper
Men are different from one another just like women are. Some men dream to be loving partners while others are not fitted to become one, others may steer clear from relationships and others may want to take the road towards romance.

So how do you determine if he is showing the signs he is a keeper? Is he really that great man you should never let go of? Below are special qualities of a man which proves he is such a keeper.

1. He sees the real you

No, I am not referring about seeing you physically or admiring what is seen on the outside, yes this matters but what is really essential is he sees the real you. He looks at you and immediately sees how beautiful you are as a person, he celebrates your character and admires who you are. He looks at you with his heart and he can see clearly how a wonderful woman you are.

2. He’s a gentleman

He’s timeless with his ways. He’s respectful and courteous. He attends to your needs like his own. Surely, the world is a better place with him in it.

3. He has dreams

He is a man with a plan. He has dreams for himself and the future with you in it. He can be ambitious but he has convictions in achieving his dreams the right way.

4. He is mature

To be mature means he is able to take care of himself and he specially takes care of you. He thinks and acts as a grown man should. He’s lifestyle exhibits maturity as well, from his choices to how he carries himself.

5. He is confident

He believes in himself and is confident with his decisions. He believes in your capacity and admires it just like he believes in his capabilities. He knows what he wants and definitely knows how to get it.

6. He makes you smile

He puts on an effort to see a smile pasted on your lips and how he loves that sight. When you smile his face lights up too.

7. He takes care of you

Everybody woman wants to feel safe and secure and he ensures you don’t have to worry about that. He’s protective but not controlling. It means he cares for you so much that he always wants you safe and sound.

8. He is supportive, he is your rock!

When your man supports you with your decisions and your plans then you are one lucky girl.

9. He makes you feel beautiful

He admires your beauty inside and out. He tells you your beautiful and doesn’t shy away from it. He is even proud of you.

10. He keeps his word

He fulfills his promises. He is a man of honor and integrity.

11. He’s selfless

When a man truly loves you, he focuses on your needs before his own. He shows you how much he values you by making you part of his plans and decisions.

12. He wants to keep you

Well ladies, this means he wants to be with you!

If your man has these special qualities, they are true signs he is a keeper, then you better hold on and never let him go!

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