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How to Get Your Man Addicted To You Forever

This Simple Move Will Get Your Man Addicted To You Forever!

The BIG Mistake the modern woman is making that is devastating her confidence and destroying her relationships with men.

Most women base their femininity on their outer appearance. Ladies you have its soo soo  wrong.

I see it all the time, women walk into my office looking gorgeous, dressing provocatively with sexy dresses, glossy lips, luscious shiny hair, perfect make up, with all the extras.

But….not matter how much these women glam themselves to look gorgeous they still fail miserably with men. designer girl

What they don’t know if is if a woman is stuck in her masculine energy no matter how gorgeous or model like she looks, it crushes any romantic potential and repels men.

Whilst men need to find their woman attractive there is something so much bigger than that that makes his heart melt. When a man is in his heart a woman can penetrate deep into his emotions and move his mind from logical to emotional which is where the magic happens.

Despite what you think men want to fall in love, they have so much to give and love to provide. They crave a feminine woman to hold in their big strong arms.  What they don’t want is a woman that oozes masculinity just as a woman doesn’t want a man who oozes femininity.

Get Out of Your Masculine Energy

When a woman is in her masculine energy men run for hills as soon as they hear the word commitment. If this has happened to you, then you are stuck in your masculine energy and you need help asap. I can relate because this used to happen to me! I was so confused and the more confused I got the more feminine I would dress  and nothing seemed to work.

Thankfully I discovered the secret and it was so simple and felt so natural and the best part is it transformed my relationships with men. It changed so much it was a full 360 turnaround.shutterstock_223605316

I went from dysfunctional relationships to an amazing loving relationship with a man who treats me like a princess.

I feel like it is my purpose in life to teach strong, successful women how to flick the switch and move a man out of his head and into his heart.

When you transform the men around you will transform.

How to Melt His Heart

When a man experiences true feminine a softness and vulnerability it collapses a man within a seconds, his heart melts, he loses control  and he will move mountains for you. Men marry the women who make him feel like a man, who make them feel appreciated, wanted needed. Women who are in touch with their feminine powers know the secret.

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What Your Type of Man Says About You

What Your Type of Man Says About You

We all have certain type of men, what your type of man says about you, you must know. Your type of man can say a lot about you and your personality. Who do you fall for? Do you prefer the smart, sophisticated type? Or the simple, easy going kind? If you end up on dates with the same type of man over and over again, having the same unwanted result again and again, you might be vulnerable with attracting and choosing unbalanced partners. Unwise choice, indeed! Pay attention to your type so you can have healthier and balanced people into your life.

What Your Type of Man Says About You

Here are a few types of men and what they say about you, either you should leave him or love him!

  1. The Bad Boy

These guys seemed impossible to resist because they are daring, sexy and spontaneous. They steer away from boredom and lean into excitement. Your attraction to this guy could mean you love challenging men and complicated relationships. The thrill of a complex relationship spells fun for you.

  1. The Businessman

Here’s a career driven man, powerful and successful. You admire his suits and his sophistication. If you are drawn to this type of man you may be ambitious yourself, a go-getter independent and strong woman who’s passion is winning!

  1. The Narcissist

You got hooked by this man’s charisma but his arrogance and self-centeredness can eventually cause a problem in a relationship, nothing works when one person only has his own interest in mind. This can mean you are also egocentric or you find too much self-flattery and perfectionism bothersome.

  1. The Player

These men are appealing and charismatic, why else would women fall for them? But you might find your friends and families constantly hating your man because there might be really something wrong with him or you for that matter. If you are attracted to this type, you may not know your real self-worth ending up with a guy who treats anything but special. What your type of man says about you? You may not know how you deserve to be treated and respected.

  1. The Commitment Phobic

This man has too many reasons not to seriously commit to you. And you should know based on his history of short lived relationships. This could mean you are needy. To be attracted to this type of man means you bloom on the attention you get from him no matter how inconsistent it is.

  1. The Patsy

This man will never disagree with you, he is not confident to voice out his ideas and opinions. He will follow you without asking any questions. Most probably you will feel like you are the only one in the relationship. This could mean you are controlling, having a pushover you can easily dominate.

  1. The Taken

You must steer clear from these type of men, they are married, engaged or in a relationship, meaning they should not be available and you should not be attracted to them. But in case you are, it may mean you have a low self-esteem and self-respect. You settle with these men not knowing you deserve better, you probably are a cheater yourself.

  1. The Geeks

You find intellect very alluring. You value brains over beauty and this is very comforting, this type of relationship can be very intense. Expect some very deep conversations.

If you happen to choose the same guy over and over again, do not expect to come up with a different result. What your type of man says about you. Choose the better and the outcome will be better.

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