The three date rule

3 fingersCalling all single men and women, I have a challenge.

Those of who you know me will know that my number one piece of advice when meeting someone for the first time is to meet them again…. and again. Yes, the three date rule is no secret. It has a proven track-record of bringing together countless couples for many  years – couples who, let’s be honest, came to me because they were a little picky about choosing a partner.

Studies show that 2/3 married couples originally fell in love with someone they’ve known for some time, rather than someone they’ve just met. It makes sense. Like a onion, humans have layers which can only be peeled back with time.

The first date is really all about breaking the ice. You’re both nervous and on your best behaviour, which is nice, but it can also prevent your true personality from coming through. The first date should be short and sweet. Leave a bit to the imagination and keep the mystery alive.

3 dateDate two is about establishing a connection. What is it that you two share? Do you have similar values? Do you have fun with this person? Is there potential for a relationship?

Date three is D-Date. It’s the make or break time period where you begin to show your true colours. The majority of married women I know didn’t realise until the third date if their partner was right for them. It’s a little different for men. They tend to know a little earlier (call it instinct or sometimes a lack thereof!), but I still recommend that all people should practise this rule.

Interesting fact: Men who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer than those who don’t.

What do you think? Have you ever prematurely made a judgement only to find you were wrong? Penny for your thoughts…

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