Is there more than one Mr/Ms Right?

Time and time again, people keep telling me that I should be looking for ‘The One’ – the soul mate that dot’s my proverbial I’s, crosses my T’s and makes my heart beat faster and slower at the same time. We’re taught at a young age that among the six billion souls on earth, only one can be our mate. But here’s a question; is there such thing as more than one perfect partner?

It’s no wonder why society places so much pressure on us to choose wisely. Think about it; for this “only one for everyone” logic to exist, that would mean that choosing the wrong partner can theoretically have dire consequences.

business team work worldwideBear with me on this one; if you don’t choose the right partner, then you’re partner didn’t choose the right person either, meaning to “unhappy” people. But what about the soul mates you were supposed to end up with? Surely that would mean they have chosen the wrong people. And so this ripple effect of unhappiness continues, and pretty soon we have an entire world’s happiness compromised all because you made one error in judgment.

Sounds kind of crazy, don’t you think? Yet, society still has fixation with beating the odds and winning the soul mate lottery.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m as hopeful as the next guy. In fact, I’m a sucker for happy endings. Truth is, I kinda like the idea of having that one special someone out there in the wilderness, just waiting for you to find them. It’s comforting. It breeds hope in a world that often tests our strength of character and commitment. And while the idea of true love isn’t an exact science, we can all benefit from that sense of hope in our lives.

But don’t sit around and let life pass you by, hoping for the perfect person to appear. Don’t gamble on relationships the same we gamble at casinos, carefree and greedy.

Take a chance on what already is, not what might be. There are so many amazing people that walk in and out of our lives every day, it would be naive think that there can only be one person that we could possibly grow old with.

It’s my belief that fate leads you in the right direction, but you have to walk the yellow brick road yourself.

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