April 30, 2015

Blue Label Life We Are Getting Married!

Hi There, Samantha Jayne here! Just a quickie! I was searching through my inbox and thought I'd share this happy story with you.  It's emails like these that make my…

April 29, 2015

How to Date the Shy Guy

The shy guy is a unique breed of male; he will have a great relationship with his friends, be warm and friendly towards the people he knows well and have…

April 26, 2015

7 Great Winter Date Ideas

Winter is hitting  and the chill factor is high, but that does not mean your love life can’t be smoking hot. Dating in winter can be difficult and it might…

April 25, 2015

How to Bounce Back from a Break up

Break ups hurt, they hurt a lot, and as much as we love it eating ice-cream and binging on chocolates or alcohol it won’t help you bounce back any sooner.…

April 23, 2015

What to Do if Your Date Doesn’t Call You Back

The dating world is full of anticipation and often disappointment; you are constantly questioning yourself and wondering if what you are doing is right. The amount of time that we…

April 22, 2015

How to Find Love When You Have a Busy Career

When you are someone who wants it all, the successful career and the passionate love life, reaching your goals can seem impossible. Luckily as a single professional person in Sydney,…

April 17, 2015

The Five Best Original First Date Ideas in Sydney

Thinking of an original first date in Sydney can seem like a challenge but it is not as difficult as you might think! A first date has the potential to…

April 16, 2015

Dating Agency for Executives

The dating world is fraught with awkward encounters, wasted time and more often than not, disappointment. This is largely due to the fact that we are meeting people in the…

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