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over 40's dating

Over 40’s dating: finding love in your forty’s

Blue Label Life is here to help single professionals in their 40’s find a genuine connection and love.

We will be right by your side and introduce you to intelligent, mature, educated, and financially independent Sydney and Melbourne singles looking for love in their 40’s.

Posted by Robyn Nind on 23 June 2020

Finding love in your 40’s can seem like a distant dream. All your friends are married or in stable relationships, and you can sometimes be the last single person in the group. Going to dinner parties and movies with your friends have become dull, and now is the right time to take action and do something about this.

Don’t feel too down or discouraged or give up, as there is a solution. Most Australians are now either dating online or using the services of dating agencies and matchmakers to help them find a compatible partner. To give them access to likeminded people who are on the same page and share the same values.

The stigma of using dating services has long gone as singles in their 40’s take a pro-active, strategic approach. And, this is where Robyn and her team at Blue Label Life can help. With over a decade of experience in finding partners for singles in their 40’s Robyn has the expertise, ability and know-how to guide over 40’s through the dating maze. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances; recently divorced, out of a de facto relationship or just haven’t found the right one, Robyn will get you dating and on the path to a relationship very quickly!

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Dating In Your 40’s: Now is the time to be proactive.

Dating in your 40’s is all about being strategic and having fun. You’re not in your 20’s
or 30’s where casual flings or seeing where something goes were part of your life. Now it’s time to get real, face the fact that you’re not getting any younger and put your energies and focus into finding love and an equal partner. It is time to stop wasting time on the wrong people and focus on what you want.

Meeting and falling in love with your soul mate, a mature partner should be high on your life’s bucket list; the only issue is how to find them? Where do you go and who do you call?

It’s not surprising that an increasing number of over 40’s are over the whole dating scene
and fed up with dating apps are using matchmakers and dating services. It provides those forty-somethings with a more tailor-made, private and personalised approach to finding a partner. Let’s face it. You’ve worked hard, and you’re successful, so why not use a professional matchmaker to help you find a life long partner. You outsource everything else, why not your personal life.

dating in your 40's

Dating in your 40’s is fun and exciting if you make a real connection with someone.


Why Blue Label Life? Over 40’s Dating Service

Dating agencies, matchmakers and online dating apps are very common. If you do a Google search, you’ll quickly find dozens of dating agencies throughout Sydney and Melbourne. Your personal life in your 40’s has to be taken very seriously so you must make the right choice when choosing the right dating agency.

Blue Label Life prides itself that we take a proactive approach to meeting all our members before they join. They are both successful and well-educated and dedicated in their search for long-lasting love. If that sounds like you, and you’re in your 40’s you’re in the right place!

The average age of our Sydney and Melbourne members is 43, which makes us the perfect place to begin the journey of finding a partner in your 40’s where we have mature members in our database.

Our members aren’t not only mature. They are also active, lead a healthy lifestyle, do daily
exercise classes, yoga, enjoy travelling, have a positive outlook to life and enjoy meeting new people just like you! Because we screen all our members in person, we can match like for like; members are genuinely looking for love with the same traits, values and characteristics.

We can honestly say that Blue Label Life is the best dating agency for mature, intelligent and genuine singles in their 40’s looking for love. Have a look at some of our success stories here.

Tips for dating in your 40’s.

If you’re about to embark on your first date or are still waiting to take the initial steps into the dating world the best piece of advice we can give you is don’t procrastinate. Don’t waste time and sit on the fence waiting for love to miraculously fall into your lap. It won’t happen, and the chances of you finding a partner start decreasing as the days roll on. Taking the initiative can seem really hard, but it’s the best thing you can do if you’re committed to finding a partner.

When it comes to finding love in your 40’s it’s all about you taking the first step and contacting us at Blue Label Life on 1300 553 510. We will look after you and do the rest, providing you with insight and opportunities to have the relationship you have always wanted.

robyn nind - professional matchmakerMeet Robyn your personal cupid and director of the dating agency; Blue Label Life. Robyn has helped 40-somethings find love and a life long partner through her matchmaking skills.

dating tips for guys over 50

Over 50’s Dating Advice for Aussie Guys

Guys, if you’ve been out of the dating scene and your over 50, don’t stress. The road to finding love doesn’t have to be challenging, it can be exciting.

The following article will give you some helpful tips for guys who are about to launch themselves on the dating scene. Read on; you can thank us later.

Posted by Robyn Nind on 16 June 2020

For most guys, the ’50s are years you would expect to be settled down comfortably with the love of your life watching the kids grow up, going to dinner parties and holidays with you’re family.

But sometimes life throws us a curveball and we end up in situations we’d never thought possible. You might be divorced, going through a separation, lost a loved one or still single and unlucky in love.

Being single in you’re 50’s is not a crime and nor does it reflect any type negative status symbol. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. iI you find that you’re still looking for Mrs Right then the following tips should help you navigate the path of finding love in you’re 50’s.

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Tip 1. Be proactive

Try not to feel sorry for yourself and dwell on what got you into this position. Sure, you may have had some bad luck, but there’s no benefit in expending all this negative energy fretting about your situation. Take the initiative and do something positive about finding a partner. Look at your past experience as a way of showing you what’s important in your life.

Through learning from our experiences and growing as a person, it is now an excellent time to take a strategic approach to meet someone new.

Go on a few dates, keep your options open until you meet someone compatible. Proactivity doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go on hundreds of dates, but it means that you are open-minded to meet someone and are prepared to go on at least one or two dates. If you’re struggling to find a partner, there are numerous online dating apps, but you can also use the services of a dating agency or matchmaker if you want the right result.

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Tip 2. Buy some new clothes

OK, if you’ve been in a relationship or marriage for a long time the one thing you have probably let slip is your sense of fashion. Times have changed, and so does the need for a wardrobe makeover. The best idea is to get a stylist to look at your clothes and go on a shopping trip with you to your nearest Westfield. They are inexpensive, and it’s well worth it to give your look the polish up it needs in preparation for your first date. This will give you a boost lift your energy which will help attract the right person.

Tip 3. Hit the gym

A no-brainer, especially if you have let yourself go and piled on the kilos around the waist. Join a gym, go for a run, do your morning sit-ups, go for a surf and get into shape. You’ll look better, and you will start to feel more confident and better about yourself. Sex appeal and first impressions count when you meet someone for the first time so you must look in shape to make a good impression. Gyms are all open now as COVID-19 eases, so there are no excuses anymore. It is important to love yourself first.

Tip 4. Don’t hit the booze too hard

First dates can be nerve-racking, especially if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time. Making small chit chat can be extremely hard with a stranger and the temptation to ease the nerves by slamming down a few wines can be hard to resist. Take it easy. It’s OK to have one social wine, but more than this may send the wrong message and you may end up saying things you regret. Yes, it’s hard to date when you’ve been out of the loop, but your mojo will come back after a few times. A way to help you is to focus on building a solid friendship first. This takes the pressure off yourself and helps you relax.

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Tip 5. Don’t overdo the aftershave

Don’t put too much of this stuff on. A small amount should suffice and remember you’re not in your 20’s so get a more sophisticated aftershave.

Tip 6. Try to keep ex-girlfriends and wives off-topic

It’s OK to mention your current status but don’t talk about your ex too much. And, never put your ex down in a derogatory fashion. Badmouthing exes ( especially if it was a nasty break up ) makes you look terrible, and it can show a negative side of you that you don’t want to display on a date.

Tip 7. Pay for the coffee, drinks or meal.

Guys be a gentleman. Even if she offers to pay, insist that you’ve got it. Splitting the bill on the first date makes you look cheap and sets a precedent for what life together might look like if you end up being a couple.

Tip 8. Keep your mobile phone in your pocket

Checking your email, your What’s App or even worse making calls on a date is a huge turnoff. She wants you to focus on her and not on your phone. If your phone addiction is so bad that you have to check messages, learn to control yourself.

Tip. 9 Be on time.

Lateness without a decent explanation is a deal-breaker. Don’t keep people waiting. You might think it’s fashionable to be late, but in all honesty, it isn’t polite.

Tip 10. Don’t expect sex on the first date

Just remember your not in your 20’s and those party days are long gone. Expecting any kind of physical intimacy on a first meet and greet is not what you should focus on. You’re looking for a connection, a life partner so you should get to know them first and see if you are compatible. One night stands, friends with benefits or hook-ups are fine if you’re transparent about it from the onset but don’t think long term partner.

In summary

Dating can be daunting especially for those in their 50’s, but it can be made easy with a helping hand. Don’t hesitate to contact a dating agency ( like us at Blue Label Life ) who will do all the hard work for you in your search for the right partner. Plus they can offer you feedback after every date you go on. This way you can fine-tune your dating techniques till you are more comfortable doing this.

robyn nind - professional matchmakerRobyn Nind is the founder of Blue Label Life and has helped countless Australian guys in their 50’s find a partner through Blue Label Life. Robyn is your personal cupid, your love-life personal assistant and will be there to help you find your special someone.

dating during covid-19

Dating in the world of COVID-19

Frustrated at not being able to meet someone or go dating during COVID-19? Would you like to meet some fabulous professional people?

Well, lock down restrictions are easing so it’s time to get proactive & make your love life a priority!

Written by: Robyn Nind – founder of Blue Label Life and professional matchmaker

Let’s be realistic about this and know that over the last 6 months the dating world has been turned on it’s head. COVID-19 & social distancing has had a huge impact on singles and they way they date. Put simply, it has stopped the dating world in it’s tracks. Singles throughout Australia have had to put their love life and search for a partner on hold as this pandemic has meant that we have all had to stay at home through lock down and continue our single lives binging on Netflix. This has actually been an opportune time to reflect on our lives and how important it is to have a loving partner.

There are the usual dating apps online which has allowed people to meet for a coffee or walk, but the likes of dating agencies like us at Blue Label Life it has meant that potential partners have had to meet for the first time differently. Whether it be a quick zoom meeting, a Skype chat or What’s App video chat the dating landscape has shifted. And, what made matters even worse was no one was really sure if they could meet or not and if they could, where would they go for their first date.

We have had a lot of calls from people eager to join up but they have been a bit reluctant to do so because of the COVID-19 social distancing measures. Questions like where are we going to meet and what are we going to do on our first date is very much front of mind for most singles. To be honest a walk in the park is a great way to connect with someone, as it is relaxed and gives both of you an opportunity to connect and this is what most people have been doing.

For those who have been reluctant to meet in person have used this lock down time to get to know each other emotionally before they meet. This creates anticipation and build excitement before the first actual physical meeting.

There is some good news about dating in 2020 with COVID-19

As I am writing this article at the end of May ’20, we are starting to see the NSW state Government ease up on social distancing and lock down measures. See link here.

And, for those looking for love this is fantastic news because you can as of 1st June have up to 50 people in a bar, café or pub. So, if you have been wondering what to do on your first meetup the problem is solved. Not only can you go for a drink or a coffee but you can also go to a bar or pub for a few drinks.

There will be the usual social distancing measures and you will have to disinfect your hands when you enter a place but this is the way it is moving forward in this post pandemic COVID-19 climate. People have and will start to gradually come to accept these new ways and start to incorporate these COVID-19 measures into their daily lives and this does include the whole dating scene.

Some tips for dating in Sydney & Melbourne during COVID-19

The dating world has changed because of COVID-19 but the fundamentals are still the same. You can still meet up and spend time with each other and you can still enjoy each other’s company; perhaps even a little romance. But following are some essential COVID-19 dating tips to keep in mind.

  • If you are going to a café or restaurant, don’t just turn up. Make sure you book in advance as seating limits will apply.
  • There might be queues into cafes, pubs etc as people wait to be seated and sterilise their hands so give yourself a bit more time before the date starts.
  • You will still have to social distance from other people so expect some adjustments where you are seated at your table.
  • You can have romance – which I know is important if there is an element of chemistry and you both like each other.

So, if you have been apprehensive about dating or looking for a partner in the last 6 months during COVID19 it’s time to stop the procrastinating and get out there and be proactive in your search for a partner.

At Blue Label Life we have been joining members to our database over this period and have lots of wonderful singles looking to meet someone special, especially after this lengthy lock down. There is light at the end of the tunnel and there are many professional singles out there waiting to meet someone just like you post COVID-19.

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robyn nind - professional matchmaker

Robyn Nind is the founder of Blue Label Life and has been helping professional singles meet for well over a decade. Robyn is passionate about her work and this is why so many Sydney & Melbourne singles turn to her for relationship help, dating advice and of course finding a partner.

why you need a matchmaker

8 Reasons Why You Need a Matchmaker

Struggling to find a partner? Fed up with dating apps and wasting time on pointless dates?

You troubles are over! Have you thought about using  a professional matchmaker? Read on; you’ll thank us later.

Matchmaking has been around for hundreds of years if not longer and the principle of matchmaking still remains the same; the idea of bringing two single unattached people together with the hope of marriage. It’s that simple yet many people are still unclear about the benefits of a matchmaker and why utilising the services of a matchmaker is a pretty good idea.

Following is a great list of why busy, single professional people should be using a matchmaker in today’s digitally obsessed environment.

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1. A matchmaker will save you loads of time & effort.

When you hire a matchmaker you don’t have to stress about going to bars, or to a gym or perhaps your yoga studio to meet someone. Sure you can still engage in these social activities but you don’t have to be constantly on the look out to meet someone. Now, your matchmaker can do this for you while your busy doing the things you like. You might find that you enjoy these more without the added hassle of being on the look out for the next Mr or Mrs Right. Plus, you don’t have to be always checking your Tinder or Bumble at night or updating your profile as your matchmaker is doing all the searching on your behalf. What a fabulous service this is, especially if you have a very busy schedule.

2. Matchmakers are great if your shy.

If your a bit of an introvert and uncomfortable approaching strangers at a bar or in a cafe then this headache is long gone with a matchmaker doing the hard groundwork for you. This is because the matchmaker is the middle man and will introduce you to many people. So you can forget about all those nerve racking, palm sweaty moments. Those days are long gone with when a professional matchmaker is by your side. Also, a matchmaker will fully brief you on the person you are going to meet, you will see their photo beforehand and will be able to mentally prepare yourself. This makes like so much easier for those shy men and women among us.

3. A matchmaker should be good at what they do.

Most matchmakers will have some type of certification that they have been trained in this skill. If so, then you know that your dealing with someone professional that will be able to perform their job as expected. But, a good idea is to check a matchmakers website and perhaps a few reviews before you decide to take the plunge.

4. Matchmaker can customise your search.

When you initially meet your matchmaker ( and most first introductions are free), they will want to get to know you a bit better and learn more about the type of person your looking for. They will discuss things like; the ideal age, their income, profession, where they live, their body type, personality, political persuasion and what type of sports they’re into. All this information will be collated so that the matchmaker can fog through their extensive database and customise their search based on your specific criteria. Utilising a matchmaker is not like online dating where you can choose from an unlimited pile of profiles. A matchmaker will filter most profiles and find the ones that are perfectly suited for you. Again, this saves you so much time, effort and anxiety.

5. Introductions are a guarantee.

When you go to a club, bar or any event, the chances of you actually meeting and clicking with someone are slim; especially for those of us who are over 40. Meeting people when you were in your 20’s and 30’s was easy but as you get older these opportunities diminish, unless you have a super large network or friends. Going to a bar when your over 40 isn’t as fun as it used to be and in fact it can seem boring. With a matchmaker you’re guaranteed of an introduction; this is why they take you on as a client. Most legitimate matchmakers will only take you on as a client if they feel as though they can help you meet someone. Simply put, you can stop worrying as you will meet someone.

6. They will be with you throughout the dating process.

Once you engage the services of a matchmaker they can be as hands on as you like or if you prefer they can take a back seat. Most matchmakers will want feedback after every introduction and will offer you feedback on what your date said about you. This is great as you can take this information on board to use for your next date. Having this type of partner by your side will boost your confidence and help you navigate the dating pathways.

If you feel as thought he date didn’t go as well as you thought it would then your matchmaker will find out why and offer constructive advice and feedback. A matchmaker will also push your dating boundaries and dating types. If you’ve always gone for blondes then you might end up meeting a brunette. They are there to enhance all your dating possibilities and choices. You couldn’t ask for a better solution if your looking to meet someone.

7. Its very safe

Unlike online dating where every person you meet could be risky a matchmaker will screen all people before you meet them. Dating for most people can be an anxious experience but you don’t want to add a danger factor in there. A matchmaker helps eliminates this.

8. It’s really good value

Think about your time and the value you place on it. If you have previously used dating apps and found them to be a waste of time, a matchmaker will put an end to all those wasted hours scrolling through thousands of profiles. Just think about all the hours you have spent scrolling Tinder and all those hours spent meeting people who you have absolutely zero connection with. It’s your time and it’s really valuable. A matchmaker will give you back all this time.

If your still on the fence and undecided about using the services of a matchmaker after reading these great points why not have a chat with Robyn Nind at Blue Label Life. You can read more about us here. It’s completely obligation free and with offices in Sydney and Melbourne we have made it really easy for you to be on your way to meeting someone special. Call 1300 553 510.

shy people dating australia

Too shy to date? A dating agency can help you

Most of the singles in Australia are either about to use an online dating app or they are already well on their way to dating someone. Perhaps they are serial daters bouncing from one person to the next.

But what happens if your too shy or perhaps a tad too introverted to paste your photo all over Tinder, eHarmony or Bumble? What happens if you are too nervous to take that first step in meeting someone or chatting with a complete stranger online? This is a terrible conundrum for someone who is single and who is keen to meet their partner.

What do shy people who want to find a partner do?

What happens if they are too shy to go to the pub or a bar and make the first move? Or, their social circles are far too small that the prospect of meeting someone is almost zero.

This is where a dating agency can help those shy, timid & bashful singles out there.

If all this sounds too familiar and your starting to think that the chances of you falling in love and meeting your partner will never happen then please what ever you do; don’t fret or stress about it too much as there is a solution. This is called a dating agency.

For those shy people who have never heard of a dating agency or have never thought of using one Let me explain to you what we do.

A dating agency or dating service is a business that acts as a matchmaker between two people with a definite view towards a monogamous relationship or marriage. Essentially, they do all the hard work on you’re behalf in looking for a partner. There is a fee involved as you have to pay for this matchmaking service.

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Matchmakers have been around for centuries and at their core the formula hasn’t changed too much. Their job description is too go through their database of eligible singles that you might like and who might fit your profile.

So, for example if you’re into computers their role would be to find someone who shares your interests as well. If you’re a sporty type the same applies. They will look for someone whose into running, swimming, cycling etc.

First date nerves

Most shy people think that going on a first date is absolute hell and they will do absolutely anything to avoid a situation like this. This is why there are so many shy singles in Australia.

It’s those first date nerves and the stress associated with meeting a starnger for the first time. Even for seasoned daters who have been hanging on Tinder for years a first date can get those butterflies going. Just imagine how it is for those poor buggers who are dating novices. It must be hell for them. The prospect of going on a date must be a nightmare.

Thoughts like : will he or she like me,  what are we going to talk about and what happens if I start panicking? These are all rationale thoughts shy people have to contend with.

This is where the dating agency steps in to help calm those first date nerves. At Blue Label Life we coach you and provide the moral support and coaching you need to get past you’re first date and what’s even better you’ll end up probably having a good time.

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The reason for this is you get to see the profile of the person you are about to date and their photo. Plus, we will only match you with someone who shares you’re interest and values. This is a big step in nullifying those nerves as you are going to meet someone who you have seen and someone who has the same interests as you.

If you are reading this and are still not convinced that you can go through with this, then Robyn (our head matchmaker) will be able to coach you through those first date nerves and set out a clear guideline of steps you need to follow in order to make that first date a success.

In other words she will be part of you’re journey in finding a partner and be there with you the whole way.

For shy people this is the ultimate solution in helping you find a life long partner. The worst thing you can do is put you’re love life of the back shelf and think it’s all too hard and that you’re too shy to move forward with this. Remember, this is what we do and we are experts at it.

Dating Agency Sydney : what’s the cost & is it worth it?

What’s the cost of using a dating agency & is it worth it?

This is a common question that’s probably going through your mind; should I use a dating agency in Sydney and is it worth it. Some dating agencies can be really expensive and the initial outlay might seem far too expensive for many people. But, think about the possible outcome and how good it could be for your life. In many cases a dating agency offers positive life changing experiences. So if you think about it, it should be a no-brainer.

You could actually meet someone fantastic.

A fabulous person who you have always dreamed about but have actually never succeeding in finding. This is where a dating agency is worth it and this is when it really pays off.

Lets have a look at what some dating agency’s in Sydney charge. Most of them will be fairly inexpensive but there are others that will be loads more expensive and be charging you as much as they can. There are a handful of these dating agencies and you have to kind of wonder if this type of outlay is really worth it, when you are going to get the same type of results from spending a lot less. Remember just because they are charing more, does not mean they can deliver a more premium dating service.

Obviously, if you have deep pockets and are willing to spend this type of money then go for it. But, if you can save a bit then it’s probably better going for the cheaper option.

This leads me to discuss the cost v’s benefit of using a Sydney introduction agency.

If you are going to go down the path of using a professional dating agency then you have to be prepared to pay for their service. You are paying for their time, their efforts and their actual matchmaking. Whether you are going on 3, 4, 5 or even 10 dates, the time involved in setting you up for your next date is actually  more labour intensive than you would think.

Matchmakers in dating agencies are actually the middlemen if you like. Remember you are using an agency so they are dealing with another party on your behalf and all this requires a skills set. It’s not as easy as it looks; hence the cost.

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The benefits of using a dating agency are many and I would have to say far out way the costs.

Some of these include:

If you are time poor and lead an extremely busy life then a dating agency is a great way to ticks that side of your life off the ‘to-do’ list.

If you value your privacy and don’t want your photo splashed all over Tinder or Bumble then a dating agency is so worth it. They are discreet, private & you can be assured that your identity will remain a secret. This is perfect for well known business identities or celebrities.

Let’s be honest here. There are loads of dating apps and they are all really inexpensive and do a fairly good job for that segment of the market. But the dating agency niche especially with Sydney singles, fills a void for people that have used these apps without any success.

You can do your research about Tinder V’s dating agencies and come to your own conclusion but if your prepared to go on lots of dates and have the time, energy and patience to do it, then go for it.

But perhaps for those of you in your late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s looking to make a real connection and want to leave this in the hands of a professional then a dating agencies worth is invaluable.  Remember, the end game and not the cost. You want to meet a partner and this could be worth it’s weight in gold if they succeed in their job.

You also have to remember that you are dealing with an intangible here; someone’s emotions, feeling and chemistry between two people. So you will more than likely have to go on a few dates till you meet Mr or Mrs Right.

So if your sitting on the fence umming and erring about the cost of using a dating agency don’t wait too long. You’ll soon forget about the cost once you meet your perfect partner.

How to be patient when dating in this digitally obsessed era

How to be patient when dating in this digitally obsessed era

How do we stay calm when waiting for a response?

When I was in my 20’s which was a fair while ago, there was no such thing as the internet or online dating. This just didn’t exist. I had a boyfriend who lived overseas and the way we communicated was through writing letters or long distance phone calls ( which were far too expensive). The only issue here was that sometimes there would be months in between letters and phone calls. The exciting part for me was walking past the letterbox hoping that the next letter would be there. I used to check it every single day. It became a natural thing for me to do.  There was the anticipation of wondering if the next letter would be there. I just loved it!

Now, if there wasn’t a letter I wouldn’t get disappointed I’d tell myself that it’s on the way and might come tomorrow. It might not even come tomorrow, or even next week. But, the important thing was to remain positive and keep on looking forward to the day it arrives. I never got negative and I never let my mind play tricks with me. I remained positive and in control of my emotions. I never felt as though I wasn’t a priority and I never thought for one moment that he was seeing someone else. I was patient & remained so until the letter eventually arrived.



Today, with technology speeding communication up and with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube we have somehow expected emotions to be instant. We want affirmations and confirmations instantly. And, if they are not forthcoming the panic sets in. What we have to realise is that our emotions and falling in love and still on the same time frame. Rushing things are a recipe for trouble.

The way to calm down when waiting for a response is to say to yourself: ‘ you know what, it might come tomorrow, it may come next week….it doesn’t really matter, because I will look forward to the day it comes’. You have to get along with your life and do the things you like doing without checking your phone every 5 minutes for a message or contact.

If it doesn’t come from him or her then it will come from someone else. If it’s meant to be then it’s meant to be. That’s fate, simple as that!

This is how to stay clam and patient in this digitally obsessed world. Be cool, level headed and never fire off email, messages, photos or texts on a whim. Think back to the old days and take a lesson from then. This method has worked for hundreds or years and will continue to do so into the future.

If your wanting some more dating tips or would love to speak to Robyn your matchmaker, she is here to help you manage your love life and find yourself a partner without the stress or hassle of using dating apps or dating websites.

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over 40's dating

Over 40’s Dating in Sydney & Melbourne, why use a matchmaker?

If you’re over 40 in Sydney or Melbourne and suddenly find yourself single there’s no need to panic.

While the dating world might seem somewhat scary and intimidating for those that have been married or in a relationship, our advice is to not overly worry about meeting a partner or making a connection with someone from the opposite sex.

Updated 29 June 2020 by Robyn Nind

In fact, since you were in a relationship times have radically changed and it’s far easier to meet someone nowadays in 2020 than ever before.

Following are some great ways you can go about meeting someone in your 40’s

Well, firstly there are dating apps. For those of you that don’t know what an app is well, you just might have to make a trip to the Apple store and find out. But, for the rest of us tech-savvy people, who know all about apps, there are two you should become very familiar with if your over 40 and still single.

The first one is the hugely popular Tinder and the other is Bumble. Both of these apps have an enormous uptake worldwide and in Australia, it’s no exception. In this day and age, it’s the quickest and easiest way to meet single men and women.

But, having said that it does have a downside. You can read about this here:

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The other popular website which came to fame in the ’90s and is still going strong is another app ( which started out as a website) called RSVP. This was the pioneer of the online dating world and while not as popular as Tinder, it still has a loyal following. Again, sites and apps like this have many advantages but be warned that there are some serious downsides.

For those singles that want to go online and pay a bit more, there are sites like eHarmony which go into great lengths about learning about your profile and then claim to match you accordingly with someone who matches your profile requirements. You have to be sceptical about this and about their ability to match you up as they would require a sophisticated algorithm to do this. It’s massive in the States yet here in Australia it hasn’t penetrated the market as much due to poor matching results.

The other way in which over 40’s can meet people or eligible partners is through the services of a matchmaker or dating agency like us here at Blue Label Life.

dating in your 40's

Dating in you’re 40’s is so much easier when you use a matchmaker like Blue Label Life.

The Blue Label Life matchmaking difference for those over 40.

We offer a boutique matchmaking service where we find singles over 40 from our database and match them with you.

There are some great reasons why those 40 somethings should be using a matchmaker.

1. Eliminates lots of time wasters

Those over 40 in Sydney and Melbourne that use a matchmaker and are prepared to pay for this service are serious about meeting a partner. Time wasters and game players are eliminated. This means the chances of you meeting someone you click with are a lot greater.

2. You get coaching

Those in their 40’s might have just come out of a long relationship or marriage and are a bit rusty when it comes to dating and flirting with the opposite sex. The first date might seem quite challenging so your matchmaker will be there to train and guide you through this process till you become more confident and able to stand on your feet. Plus you will get feedback after every date so those nerves wondering in he/she likes me or not are gone.

3. Privacy and discretion

Most business executives, professionals and high-flyers don’t want their profile pictures plastered over the internet. They want a level of discretion and privacy which a matchmaker can provide.

4. Meeting you’re equal

Most matchmakers come with a fairly hefty price tag and those singles in Sydney or Melbourne who can afford this type of services would expect to meet people who match their socio-economic background. Any decent matchmaker will be able to match like for like so you’re assured to meet you’re equal where you’ll share the same interests goals and financial stability.

5. You’re more motivated

Sometimes singles over 40 can become quite blasé or indifferent about their love life. A matchmaker will provide you will profiles of singles on a regular basis and this should be all the encouragement you need to take a proactive and more positive approach about meeting someone.

In Summary

The options to make a connection are literally endless but the reality is you’re in your 40’s and might need the help of a matchmaker who can be by your side throughout your journey to find love. Dating apps are OK if you can be bothered but why go through all these unnecessary dates when a matchmaker is so convenient.

If you’re over 40 and are keen to take the first step in meeting someone special contact us at Blue Label Life.

robyn nind - professional matchmaker

Meet Robyn Nind, you’re personal matchmaker who has helped hundreds of singles in Sydney & Melbourne over 40 find love. She’s the director of Blue Lable Life and committed to helping you find a lifelong partner.