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why you need a matchmaker

8 Reasons Why You Need a Matchmaker

Matchmaking has been around for hundreds of years if not longer and the principle of matchmaking still remains the same; the idea of bringing two single unattached people together with the hope of marriage. It’s that simple yet many people are still unclear about the benefits of a matchmaker and why utilising the services of a matchmaker is a pretty good idea.

Following is a great list of why busy, single professional people should be using a matchmaker in today’s digitally obsessed environment.

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1. A matchmaker will save you loads of time & effort.

When you hire a matchmaker you don’t have to stress about going to bars, or to a gym or perhaps your yoga studio to meet someone. Sure you can still engage in these social activities but you don’t have to be constantly on the look out to meet someone. Now, your matchmaker can do this for you while your busy doing the things you like. You might find that you enjoy these more without the added hassle of being on the look out for the next Mr or Mrs Right. Plus, you don’t have to be always checking your Tinder or Bumble at night or updating your profile as your matchmaker is doing all the searching on your behalf. What a fabulous service this is, especially if you have a very busy schedule.

2. Matchmakers are great if your shy.

If your a bit of an introvert and uncomfortable approaching strangers at a bar or in a cafe then this headache is long gone with a matchmaker doing the hard groundwork for you. This is because the matchmaker is the middle man and will introduce you to many people. So you can forget about all those nerve racking, palm sweaty moments. Those days are long gone with when a professional matchmaker is by your side. Also, a matchmaker will fully brief you on the person you are going to meet, you will see their photo beforehand and will be able to mentally prepare yourself. This makes like so much easier for those shy men and women among us.

3. A matchmaker should be good at what they do.

Most matchmakers will have some type of certification that they have been trained in this skill. If so, then you know that your dealing with someone professional that will be able to perform their job as expected. But, a good idea is to check a matchmakers website and perhaps a few reviews before you decide to take the plunge.

4. Matchmaker can customise your search.

When you initially meet your matchmaker ( and most first introductions are free), they will want to get to know you a bit better and learn more about the type of person your looking for. They will discuss things like; the ideal age, their income, profession, where they live, their body type, personality, political persuasion and what type of sports they’re into. All this information will be collated so that the matchmaker can fog through their extensive database and customise their search based on your specific criteria. Utilising a matchmaker is not like online dating where you can choose from an unlimited pile of profiles. A matchmaker will filter most profiles and find the ones that are perfectly suited for you. Again, this saves you so much time, effort and anxiety.

5. Introductions are a guarantee.

When you go to a club, bar or any event, the chances of you actually meeting and clicking with someone are slim; especially for those of us who are over 40. Meeting people when you were in your 20’s and 30’s was easy but as you get older these opportunities diminish, unless you have a super large network or friends. Going to a bar when your over 40 isn’t as fun as it used to be and in fact it can seem boring. With a matchmaker you’re guaranteed of an introduction; this is why they take you on as a client. Most legitimate matchmakers will only take you on as a client if they feel as though they can help you meet someone. Simply put, you can stop worrying as you will meet someone.

6. They will be with you throughout the dating process.

Once you engage the services of a matchmaker they can be as hands on as you like or if you prefer they can take a back seat. Most matchmakers will want feedback after every introduction and will offer you feedback on what your date said about you. This is great as you can take this information on board to use for your next date. Having this type of partner by your side will boost your confidence and help you navigate the dating pathways.

If you feel as thought he date didn’t go as well as you thought it would then your matchmaker will find out why and offer constructive advice and feedback. A matchmaker will also push your dating boundaries and dating types. If you’ve always gone for blondes then you might end up meeting a brunette. They are there to enhance all your dating possibilities and choices. You couldn’t ask for a better solution if your looking to meet someone.

7. Its very safe

Unlike online dating where every person you meet could be risky a matchmaker will screen all people before you meet them. Dating for most people can be an anxious experience but you don’t want to add a danger factor in there. A matchmaker helps eliminates this.

8. It’s really good value

Think about your time and the value you place on it. If you have previously used dating apps and found them to be a waste of time, a matchmaker will put an end to all those wasted hours scrolling through thousands of profiles. Just think about all the hours you have spent scrolling Tinder and all those hours spent meeting people who you have absolutely zero connection with. It’s your time and it’s really valuable. A matchmaker will give you back all this time.

If your still on the fence and undecided about using the services of a matchmaker after reading these great points why not have a chat with Robyn at Blue Label Life. You can read more about us here. It’s completely obligation free and with offices in Sydney and Melbourne we have made it really easy for you to be on your way to meeting someone special. Call 1300 553 510.

shy people dating australia

Too shy to date? A dating agency can help you

Most of the singles in Australia are either about to use an online dating app or they are already well on their way to dating someone. Perhaps they are serial daters bouncing from one person to the next.

But what happens if your too shy or perhaps a tad too introverted to paste your photo all over Tinder, eHarmony or Bumble? What happens if you are too nervous to take that first step in meeting someone or chatting with a complete stranger online? This is a terrible conundrum for someone who is single and who is keen to meet their partner.

What do shy people who want to find a partner do?

What happens if they are too shy to go to the pub or a bar and make the first move? Or, their social circles are far too small that the prospect of meeting someone is almost zero.

This is where a dating agency can help those shy, timid & bashful singles out there.

If all this sounds too familiar and your starting to think that the chances of you falling in love and meeting your partner will never happen then please what ever you do; don’t fret or stress about it too much as there is a solution. This is called a dating agency.

For those shy people who have never heard of a dating agency or have never thought of using one Let me explain to you what we do.

A dating agency or dating service is a business that acts as a matchmaker between two people with a definite view towards a monogamous relationship or marriage. Essentially, they do all the hard work on you’re behalf in looking for a partner. There is a fee involved as you have to pay for this matchmaking service.

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Matchmakers have been around for centuries and at their core the formula hasn’t changed too much. Their job description is too go through their database of eligible singles that you might like and who might fit your profile.

So, for example if you’re into computers their role would be to find someone who shares your interests as well. If you’re a sporty type the same applies. They will look for someone whose into running, swimming, cycling etc.

First date nerves

Most shy people think that going on a first date is absolute hell and they will do absolutely anything to avoid a situation like this. This is why there are so many shy singles in Australia.

It’s those first date nerves and the stress associated with meeting a starnger for the first time. Even for seasoned daters who have been hanging on Tinder for years a first date can get those butterflies going. Just imagine how it is for those poor buggers who are dating novices. It must be hell for them. The prospect of going on a date must be a nightmare.

Thoughts like : will he or she like me,  what are we going to talk about and what happens if I start panicking? These are all rationale thoughts shy people have to contend with.

This is where the dating agency steps in to help calm those first date nerves. At Blue Label Life we coach you and provide the moral support and coaching you need to get past you’re first date and what’s even better you’ll end up probably having a good time.

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The reason for this is you get to see the profile of the person you are about to date and their photo. Plus, we will only match you with someone who shares you’re interest and values. This is a big step in nullifying those nerves as you are going to meet someone who you have seen and someone who has the same interests as you.

If you are reading this and are still not convinced that you can go through with this, then Robyn (our head matchmaker) will be able to coach you through those first date nerves and set out a clear guideline of steps you need to follow in order to make that first date a success.

In other words she will be part of you’re journey in finding a partner and be there with you the whole way.

For shy people this is the ultimate solution in helping you find a life long partner. The worst thing you can do is put you’re love life of the back shelf and think it’s all too hard and that you’re too shy to move forward with this. Remember, this is what we do and we are experts at it.

Dating Agency Sydney : what’s the cost & is it worth it?

Dating Agency Sydney : what’s the cost & is it worth it?

This is a common question that’s probably going through your mind; should I use a dating agency in Sydney and is it worth it. Some dating agencies can be really expensive and the initial outlay might seem far too expensive for many people. But, think about the possible outcome and how good it could be for your life. In many cases a dating agency offers positive life changing experiences. So if you think about it, it should be a no-brainer.

You could actually meet someone fantastic.

A fabulous person who you have always dreamed about but have actually never succeeding in finding. This is where a dating agency is worth it and this is when it really pays off.

Lets have a look at what some dating agency’s in Sydney charge. Most of them will be fairly inexpensive but there are others that will be loads more expensive and be charging you as much as they can. There are a handful of these dating agencies and you have to kind of wonder if this type of outlay is really worth it, when you are going to get the same type of results from spending a lot less. Remember just because they are charing more, does not mean they can deliver a more premium dating service.

Obviously, if you have deep pockets and are willing to spend this type of money then go for it. But, if you can save a bit then it’s probably better going for the cheaper option.

This leads me to discuss the cost v’s benefit of using a Sydney introduction agency.

If you are going to go down the path of using a professional dating agency then you have to be prepared to pay for their service. You are paying for their time, their efforts and their actual matchmaking. Whether you are going on 3, 4, 5 or even 10 dates, the time involved in setting you up for your next date is actually  more labour intensive than you would think.

Matchmakers in dating agencies are actually the middlemen if you like. Remember you are using an agency so they are dealing with another party on your behalf and all this requires a skills set. It’s not as easy as it looks; hence the cost.

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The benefits of using a dating agency are many and I would have to say far out way the costs.

Some of these include:

If you are time poor and lead an extremely busy life then a dating agency is a great way to ticks that side of your life off the ‘to-do’ list.

If you value your privacy and don’t want your photo splashed all over Tinder or Bumble then a dating agency is so worth it. They are discreet, private & you can be assured that your identity will remain a secret. This is perfect for well known business identities or celebrities.

Let’s be honest here. There are loads of dating apps and they are all really inexpensive and do a fairly good job for that segment of the market. But the dating agency niche especially with Sydney singles, fills a void for people that have used these apps without any success.

You can do your research about Tinder V’s dating agencies and come to your own conclusion but if your prepared to go on lots of dates and have the time, energy and patience to do it, then go for it.

But perhaps for those of you in your late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s looking to make a real connection and want to leave this in the hands of a professional then a dating agencies worth is invaluable.  Remember, the end game and not the cost. You want to meet a partner and this could be worth it’s weight in gold if they succeed in their job.

You also have to remember that you are dealing with an intangible here; someone’s emotions, feeling and chemistry between two people. So you will more than likely have to go on a few dates till you meet Mr or Mrs Right.

So if your sitting on the fence umming and erring about the cost of using a dating agency don’t wait too long. You’ll soon forget about the cost once you meet your perfect partner.

How to be patient when dating in this digitally obsessed era

How to be patient when dating in this digitally obsessed era

How do we stay calm when waiting for a response?

When I was in my 20’s which was a fair while ago, there was no such thing as the internet or online dating. This just didn’t exist. I had a boyfriend who lived overseas and the way we communicated was through writing letters or long distance phone calls ( which were far too expensive). The only issue here was that sometimes there would be months in between letters and phone calls. The exciting part for me was walking past the letterbox hoping that the next letter would be there. I used to check it every single day. It became a natural thing for me to do.  There was the anticipation of wondering if the next letter would be there. I just loved it!

Now, if there wasn’t a letter I wouldn’t get disappointed I’d tell myself that it’s on the way and might come tomorrow. It might not even come tomorrow, or even next week. But, the important thing was to remain positive and keep on looking forward to the day it arrives. I never got negative and I never let my mind play tricks with me. I remained positive and in control of my emotions. I never felt as though I wasn’t a priority and I never thought for one moment that he was seeing someone else. I was patient & remained so until the letter eventually arrived.



Today, with technology speeding communication up and with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube we have somehow expected emotions to be instant. We want affirmations and confirmations instantly. And, if they are not forthcoming the panic sets in. What we have to realise is that our emotions and falling in love and still on the same time frame. Rushing things are a recipe for trouble.

The way to calm down when waiting for a response is to say to yourself: ‘ you know what, it might come tomorrow, it may come next week….it doesn’t really matter, because I will look forward to the day it comes’. You have to get along with your life and do the things you like doing without checking your phone every 5 minutes for a message or contact.

If it doesn’t come from him or her then it will come from someone else. If it’s meant to be then it’s meant to be. That’s fate, simple as that!

This is how to stay clam and patient in this digitally obsessed world. Be cool, level headed and never fire off email, messages, photos or texts on a whim. Think back to the old days and take a lesson from then. This method has worked for hundreds or years and will continue to do so into the future.

If your wanting some more dating tips or would love to speak to Robyn your matchmaker, she is here to help you manage your love life and find yourself a partner without the stress or hassle of using dating apps or dating websites.

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over 40's dating

Over 40’s Dating in Sydney & Melbourne, why use a matchmaker?

If your over 40 and suddenly find yourself single there is really no need to panic or be alarmed. While the dating world might seem somewhat scary and intimidating for those that have been married or in a relationship, our advice is to not overly worry about meeting a partner or making a connection with someone from the opposite sex.

In fact, since you were in a relationship times have radically changed and it’s far easier to meet someone nowadays in 2019 than ever before.

Following are some great ways you can go about meeting someone in your same age bracket.

Well, firstly there are dating apps. For those of you that don’t know what an app is well, you just might have to make a trip to the Apple store and find out. But, for the rest of us tech savvy people, who know all about apps, there are 2 you should become very familiar with if your over 40 and still single.

The first one is the hugely popular Tinder and the other is Bumble. Both of these apps have an enormous uptake worldwide and in Australia it’s no exception. You as any single person what dating apps they are on & in 90% or more of them, they will have either Tinder or Bumble on their phone. In this day and age it’s the quickest and easiest way to meet single men and women.

But, having said that it does have it’s downside. You can read about this here:

Matchmaker V Tinder: what’s best for you?

The other popular website which came to fame in the 90’s and is still going strong is other app ( which started out as a website) called RSVP. This was the pioneer of the online dating world and while not as popular as Tinder, it still has a loyal following. Again, sites and apps like this have many advantages but be warned that there are some serious downsides.

For those singles that want to go online and pay a bit more there are sites like eHarmony which go into great lengths about learning about your profile and then claim to match you accordingly with someone who matches your profile requirements. You have to be kind of skeptical about this and about their ability to match you up as they would require some fairly sophisticated algorithm to in fact do this. It’s massive in the States yet here in Australia it hasn’t penetrated the market as much due to poor matching results.

The other way in which over 40’s can meet people or eligible partners is through the services of a matchmaker or dating agency like us here at Blue Label Life.

What we offer is a boutique service where we go out and find matches for you from people in our database that have joined us. This totally eliminates the hassle and headache of you having to find and meet people online. Simply put, the online dating world can be a crazy place full of lets just say people with less than honourable intentions. Who knows why they are online and who knows what their goal is. Are they there online to meet genuine people or are they there for a hook up or a one night stand? These are the main concerns of people that use dating apps and dating websites. The whole place is fraught with fake profiles and fake people. It is chaotic and it can be over whelming and highly frustrating.

This is the beauty of a matchmaker and this is why those of you over 40 should be seriously considering engaging one. Just because your over 40 does not mean it’s too late to meet someone to start sharing your life with.

Yes, the options to make a connection are literally endless but the reality is you might need a hand in this space and you might need the back up of a matchmaker who can be by your side on this journey.

Contact us at Blue Label Life and we will help you find true love, even if your over 40:)

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5 Killer Questions to ask your Matchmaker

5 Killer Questions to ask your Matchmaker

Engaging a matchmaker isn’t a sign of defeat. It’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. It doesn’t mean that your love life is hopeless or you have failed. What it does mean is that your prepared to take control of your love life, your personal life and that you’re prepared to be pro active and do something about it.

It shows that you understand your situation, it shows that you’re mature enough to appreciate the help of a professional person who understands what your going through and what your looking for in the next stage of you’re life. You might be a divorcee, someone recently out of a relationship, new to the dating game or just want your privacy. Whatever your circumstances in life your now ready for a matchmaker!

Using the services of a matchmaker is just the beginning in your journey to find love and if your serious about finding someone to share your life with and are ready to commit to the matchmaking process then following are:

5 killer questions to ask your matchmaker before you start the process


# 1: What type of members do you have on your database?

If you’re an executive on a high income or a successful business person, your going to want to meet someone on your level. An equal. Someone you can make an immediate connection with and have a decent conversation with. So, you should be asking your matchmaker if they have professional, educated single men and women on their database?

# 2: Can you see the profiles and the photos of the singles before you meet with them?

This is really important as you do not want to be going on a blind date. You actually want to be able to see the picture of the person before you meet with them to see if there would be some type of physical connection.

This is really vital as you need 2 elements when meeting someone initially, you have to like their personality and their looks. For a first meeting you need both of these to combine if there is any chance of this succeeding. This is why you need to see a photo of the person before you meet with them!

# 3: How many introductions will I be getting for your fee?

Some matchmakers and dating agencies will offer unlimited dates but this may be a type of scam to get you to sign up. Watch out for this type of sales pitch, as the reality of getting unlimited dates is quite rare. It’s best to go with a matchmaker that can offer you a certain number of introductions over a 12-month period.

# 4: What follow up procedures do you have following the introductions?

Ideally, you want your matchmaker to call you up after the date to see how it went. You’d also like to know what, if any, feedback there was from the person you met. Communication is critical and it doesn’t get more critical than the dating game as human emotions are involved. So ask your matchmaker how often they intend on staying in touch with you.

# 5 Lastly, you should ask about the frequency of the introductions.

You do read some horror stories online about matchmakers who will give 1 date every 6 months and never stay in touch with the person. It tarnishes the industry and gives most matchmakers a bad name. It’s a good idea to see if you can be introduced to someone new every couple of months. That is, if you are still available. In most cases your matchmaker will have introduced you to someone who you click with and this will take you off the market. Also, see if you can put your membership on hold while your seeing this person if you haven’t exhausted your dating quota.

If you would like to speak with a matchmaker who would love to answer all these questions please call Robyn at Blue Label Life on 1300 553 510

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Matchmaker V Tinder: what’s best for you?

Matchmaker V Tinder: what’s best for you?

For those single people out there looking to find true love there are a myriad of ways you can do this. Probably the two most popular methods of finding love are the really popular dating app called Tinder ( which your probably already on or know someone who has been on there) or a matchmaker.

If your new to the dating scene or have been in a long term relationship and have just split up & want to meet someone, then you should probably know the difference between these 2 ways of meeting people and what works best for you.


This is a dating app that you can download to your phone and within a few minutes you can be meeting people. It’s hard to say just how many people are using Tinder worldwide but the numbers must be absolutely astronomical.

Tinder Advantages

– you can access it from any where in the world. If your going to a new country and want to meet new people or hook up then this is a great app for this purpose

– sign up is relatively easy and you can be checking out profiles within a couple of minutes.

– there are thousands of people using the app everyday so there’s no shortage of people on there

Tinder Disadvantages

– because its so popular people are spoilt for choice so the likelihood of you matching with someone is slim

– most of the guys who go on Tinder are after a fling. Having said that there are guys who are genuinely to meet someone but for the most part it’s a hook up app.

Most people will deny this but the reality is that the guys are looking for a one night stand and the girls are looking to meet someone genuine….so it kind of doesn’t stack up. There seems to be this double standard on the app where people don’t rally say what they are there for. This leads to heaps of disappointments and broken hearts.

– Loads of the photos on Tinder are either old or fake. What you see isn’t who your likely to meet. Some photos can be 5-10 years old.

matchmaker v's tinder

– there seems to be this attitude that the ‘grass in always greener’. Because there are so many people on the app, so many people will make up their mind about you really quickly if you don’t meet their expectations. Whilst this is OK, on Tinder the attitude that prevails is that there is always someone better so you don’t end up giving the person your meeting the best opportunity. It’s a real churn and burn kind of way to date. Great for some but for most people it’s a massive headache.

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A matchmaker is someone who will search on your behalf to find a match for you. They generally have a great database of people who they can search as well as some great personal and professional connections.


Matchmaker disadvantages

– it can be pricey & this price will depend on who you decide to use

– dating is not a perfect environment and when it comes to matchmakers sometimes they can get it wrong.

– some matchmakers can over promise and under deliver – make sure you go with a reputable matchmaker. Even better go and meet with them to suss them about and see if they are really authentic and not all about the hard sell.


Matchmaker advantages

– you can maintain your privacy. With Tinder you have to splash your photo all over the place but with a matchmaker you get 100% privacy. This is perfect for people with a high profile or people who like to remain anonymous.

– your paying for a service so you can expect top matches once you join.

– your not wasting time going on dates that in most cases will not be suitable.

– you get matched with like for like. Your matchmaker should know what you like and what your tastes are in the opposite sex and will match you accordingly.

– yes it can be a bit pricey but if you’re a professional, executive or someone who is successful you are kind of treating yourself to this service.

– if you have been married and are now recently divorced or perhaps a senior not familiar with apps then a matchmaker will guide you through the dating maze. It can be horrible if your new to this and there are loads of rejections so if your not thick skinned then this is a great way to ease into the dating world. Apps like Tinder can be far too harsh and extreme for some people. If your sensitive in any way then a matchmaker is definitely the better option.

These are just a few pointers showing you’re the difference between paying for the services of a matchmaker or going it alone and venturing into the unchartered territory of Tinder.

If after reading this your thinking that your prefer to use a matchmaker then why not speak to me: Robyn at Blue Label Life on 1300 553 510. Come on for a chat in either our Sydney or Melbourne offices and we can start the process of finding you true love.

dating sites dont work

Dating Websites: don’t go there expecting to find love!

There are so many dating websites & options online when it comes to hooking up & finding someone for let’s call it as it is: a casual fling or one night stand.

Dating sites like Tinder, Bumble, e harmony & match offer more or less the same thing for many people. Of course, there have been the odd success story & long-term relationship as a result of going on these sites.

In 2019, Bumble seems to be the new player on the block, but everyone who has used Tinder is now on Bumble so it’s pretty much the same thing, just dressed up differently.

But overall, if we are being honest here they are all about being really casual with no strings attached or guilt involved. They are also the playground of married men wanting to cheat on their wives.

Stop wasting time on Tinder & Bumble

It’s rampant with guys creating fake profiles, ditching the wedding ring and sneaking behind their wives back for a bit of fun. They end up deceiving the women they are meeting and even worse their wives. If you think it doesn’t happen, think again! These dating sites are massive and people go there to fulfill their fantasies, desires and cravings.

So many people who have been on dates on these sites always complain about the same thing (especially on Tinder) that is: the guys are on there to sleep around.

So this leaves a massive gap in the whole dating website scene for people who are genuinely looking for a relationship and long-term partner. Dating apps simply do not live up to all the hype and expectations and the trail of disappointed, frustrated men and women is huge and growing al the time. They’ve given it a go but just can’t seem to make it work.

dating stress

If your part of this wave of people who are fed up with being lied to on these dating sites & apps then there is a solution and there is hope out there to find a real connection.

It’s called a matchmaker or dating service. Yes, I know were a dating agency but this is the reality of the dating environment. Singles are genuinely upset and fed up with the whole scene. It’s a farce and they are finding it difficult to meet people especially if they’re not going to clubs or bars. Plus their single mates are already married and leading separate lives.

The perfect solution is a matchmaker.


Because you let a professional take care of your love life. Pretty much like anything in life; if you want the best results you have to leave it to the experts and the same rings true for your personal life. You’ll go to doctors, specialists, physios, personal trainers, dentists, so why not a matchmaker.

For some people this is a really foreign concept and may even be a bit embarrassing but believe me when I tell you, your not alone. We get calls everyday from people that have relied on dating sites for years hoping to find Mr or Mrs Right, going on date after date and the result is still the same; they are single and getting unhappier with each and every date.

A matchmaker can get you out of a dating slump and put you back in the drivers seat of your love life. Yes, you have to pay for this service and to be part of their database but if you can afford it, it’s well worth it. Life’s far far too short to waste time with people you know your not going to have a connection with.

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So, don’t drop your standards, don’t meet people who are not on the same page as you, don’t get depressed and put your love life on hold. If you want to hook up we are probably not the right place for you but, if you want to put the effort into meeting someone then we are definitely one of the best dating options available for you.