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Dating as a single parent in Melbourne - essential tips

Dating as a single parent in Melbourne – essential tips

Let’s be honest. Dating can be hard work, time-consuming, and draining of energy.

Add to this being a single parent, and it’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel and call it a day. After all, you’ve been single this long; what is another couple of years?

Well, I’m here to tell you that, as a single parent, you can still date, find true love, and make a proper connection here in Melbourne. This city is full of opportunities and potential partners who understand and appreciate the unique journey of single parenthood.

Following these tips is the first step in the right direction.

1) Allocate time: Yes, I know this is hard with kids’ school pick-up and weekend sports games and parties, but you have to be realistic about finding someone, and you will need to allocate, say, one hour per week. At this time, you can either network online, use dating apps, or start by engaging the services of a dating agency in Melbourne that will act on your behalf and help find you a partner. Creating space and time for yourself helps you take stock of your situation and know that you are creating something positive for yourself. Remember, you owe it to yourself, and the happier you are, the more you have to offer your children.

2) Have some fun! Dating can be fun. If you enjoy meeting new people, it can be intoxicating. If you’ve been recently divorced and looking to meet new people, then dating is the answer. But try to have a little fun and limit the negative thoughts that can pop into your head before the date. Only some people you meet will be Mr or Mrs perfect, so remember it’s a numbers game. Some dates will be fun, and others will be average. Just go in with a fun attitude and see what happens. You will find the connection when the time is ready, and the right person comes along. And, know that Melbourne has some fantastic cafes for a first date, so utilise this home city advantage.

3) Set strict boundaries. Your kids are just that. They are not your friends and should not be privy to every date and feedback whenever you meet someone. Share only age-appropriate information, and try not to rush and introduce someone you like to the children. Keep the two separate until you feel you have a strong, committed connection. You might also like your children’s opinions on meeting someone new. You might not like what you hear, but at least you can gauge their feelings and potential reaction if you bring someone new home. Relationships Australia has a great article about this topic, and it expands on this topic and basically tells us that while some children feel relief when their parents separate, most want their parents to reconcile. So they can feel hurt, jealous, betrayed, resentful, sad or even angry when their parents start – or want to start – dating again. To children, this may be when they realise that the separation is permanent, and it can create feelings of distress or sadness.

4) Don’t be desperate. Set standards and don’t serial date in the hope of finding that diamond in the rough. Date only those people you feel are suitable for you, which means having the right demographic and socio-economic situation and someone who doesn’t mind you having kids. Attraction is essential and can develop over time. Try to choose people who have parenting styles similar to yours and someone you can work with as a team.

5) Be Honest. Honesty is always the best policy for yourself and your potential partner. Tell them upfront that you have children and that your dating calendar can be tricky, especially if babysitters are involved and also if you have strong political or religious views. In that case, it’s best to let them know sooner rather than later so you’re not too invested in the relationship where feelings have developed.

These are just five simple tips to follow on your dating journey. But if you need extra help or date coaching, please call Robyn from Blue Label Life, who can help you navigate the tricky Melbourne dating path.

How to know your being catfished online

Cafishing: all you need to know in 2024

The online dating scene in 2024 is tricky, with many fake profiles, scammers, and odd people with less-than-honest intentions.

If you’re using apps like Tinder, Bumble, etc, for online dating, you better be warned that catfish are out there looking to scam you big time. 

Spotting these catfish quickly is essential for your safety and peace of mind. This guide will help you spot these catfish and foolproof ways to protect yourself and at least enjoy the online experience.

What Is Catfishing?

According to the eSafety Commissioner, Catfishing occurs when someone sets up a fake online identity and uses it to trick and control others. They often do this to scam people out of money, blackmail them, or harm them in some other way.

In some cases, people can go to the extreme and create an entirely new personality with documents and photos (stolen from other people’s social media accounts) to make you believe they are someone else. People catfish for many reasons, but the most common are low self-esteem, need for money or have severe mental issues and want to manipulate and control another innocent person. And, worst of all, some catfishers are looking to prey on people and steal their money via a variety of scams.

Becoming the victim of a catfisher (and don’t for one minute think that this cannot happen to you) can wreak havoc on an innocent person’s life. You can lose money, be emotionally hurt, and suffer from the trauma of being duped by a person you thought was being honest, upfront and decent. Catfishing can also be in the form of people pretending not to want a one-night stand and presenting themselves as wanting a relationship, but in reality, they’re just after sex. Catfishing can ruin a person’s legitimate chance at meeting someone they deserve as they become jaded and suspicious of people in the online world. Catfishing is super dangerous and can ruin lives.

Signs of Catfishing: Spotting the Most Common Warning Signs

It’s essential to recognise the warning signs of catfishing behaviour, so you don’t become a victim. Our experience as matchmakers in CanberraSydney, and Melbourne means we have developed a highly sensitive antenna for these scams. Here are some of the signs you should look for. Stay alert, friends!

Fake-Looking Social Media Photos

If the person photos you chat with online look far too perfect, this is a red flag. Images can be photoshopped, filters added, and if all the photos are headshots with the same background – watch out! Plus, with AI now being part of our daily lives, it can be hard to tell if a person’s photo is real. I’ve seen (mainly from Asian girls) photos from the same girl with at least a dozen different profiles on Tinder. And, even if a person’s photo is not so authentic, this could be a ploy used to lull you into a false sense of security. The rule of thumb here is not to rely solely on photos, as these are easy to fake.

Poor Language Skills

It’s easy to generate and use AI content to communicate online, but this might mean the person is in another country. If their language sounds generic, looks odd, or is not naturally flowing, then this is a red flag.

Taking Things Too Fast

People who catfish will try to get you quickly by telling you they are in love with you, even if it’s just after a few days, which can sound fantastic, especially for very lonely people who crave affection. And, if they ask for nude explicit photos, they’ll use this to extort money from you for not sharing your photos publicly.

Verification Challenges

It’s best to verify the person early in the chat by asking for a video call or a quick chat. Many dating Apps have this feature, so there’s no excuse for dodging this more than appropriate request. Catfish never want to reveal who they are, so they always avoid the phone call or video meet-ups. The catfish aim to keep you hooked for as long as possible till they get what they want. If they mention crypto or tell you they are into crypto for a living, they run fast and move on quickly.

Refusing to Go on a Date

The whole point of dating Apps is to meet the person and see if there’s a connection. If they’re constantly making excuses and you can’t meet them, this is a bad sign, as they have probably misrepresented themselves in the photos or are not who they say they are. And even if they are using their photos, they might have told you lies to drag you into their net, so they are definitely not keen to meet until they have made the score from you, whether financial or emotional.

Check their Social Media Accounts 

OK, so you’ve been chatting with them for a while, so it’s a no-brainer that you get to know their name. You should check their Facebook and Instagram profiles to see if they look natural. Catfish will have few friends and odd-sounding names. If they have no social media profiles, I’d be concerned. Remember, scammers are most likely based overseas and will not be able to have or attract local Australian friends.

Fake Stories

Catfishers can tell you one story and another to a different person. In fact, they could communicate with hundreds of people at the same time, so they’re bound to slip up with their jobs or the past history of their lives. If they stumble with details about their family or friends and things don’t add up, this is a bad sign. Make a mental note of unrealistic things, pick them up on these points, and see if they can justify it. If they get defensive or aggressive, they might be hiding something. Also, if they start telling you stories that try to pull on your heartstrings, they are trying to open your wallet. They might say they have no money to feed their kids, are in debt, etc. But everything is fabricated to make you feel sorry for them, and if you’re a decent person, you’ll probably be sympathetic to them and transfer money. As soon as you hit the send button, you’ve been catfished. These people are experts at the sob story, so stay vigilant.

Asking For Money

Never ever, and I will repeat this: never send any money whatsoever to a stranger online, even if you have been chatting with them for weeks. Those sad luck stories and poor is me life stories mentioned above are all staged to try to get money out of you. Remember, these people are professionals at what they do, and wielding complex luck stories is part of the game. As soon as money is brought up, run a mile!!

How to Avoid Being Catfished

If you think that you’re part of a catfish scam and want to verify the other person’s identity, there are ways to protect yourself.

Use the power of Google.

Use copies of their photos and pop them into an image reverse search on Google to see if their profile photos come up and what else appeared simultaneously. Look for discrepancies in the photos and see if they all look like they might be AI-generated. If they all look the same with extraordinarily photoshopped images, then there’s an issue.

Stalk them on Social Media

Check their profiles or supposed profiles on social media accounts. It’s easy to do, and everyone does this before meeting someone new. Obviously, you won’t stalk them instantly, but if things start looking promising, it’s good to do your homework online, including checking out who they really are on their Facebook page, etc.

Push for the Video Call

If they are who they say they are and their intentions are legitimate, then they’ll be fine with having a video call, especially if it’s long distance. Catfishing is all about anonymity, so they’ll do anything they can to stay out of sight but be happy only to text. This is a big worry if they never want to speak on the phone or Facetime/Zoom. Remember, their intentions as catfish experts are to fleece you out of pocket, so they definitely don’t want to be identified.

Slow Things Dow

Catfish want you to believe that they love you, and they want to push this notion quickly. So they’ll say and do anything to speed this process up. Try to put the brakes on this before you are 110% confident that they are honest and their intentions are righteous.

Talk With Your Mates

See what your friends have to say about this Mr or Miss Mysterious person whom you’ve only texted online and never spoken to. They’ll shed light on this and pull you quick smart back to reality. Loneliness is a horrible affliction. We can all go through this, especially if you’ve just broken up with someone and want to believe that there’s another person out there. Catfish can smell your insecurity and eagerness to fall back in love, and they’ll be the first to take advantage of this and leave you penniless if they can.

Trust Your Feelings

Don’t be too trusting and naive. Go with your instincts, and if something just doesn’t feel right, then it’s time to pull the plug and delete, block and ghost them. Don’t give them the opportunity to worm their way out of this, as they are slick operators and will know exactly what to say to win back your affection and trust. Be strong, be focused and know that you are being played by a masterful catfish. And worst of all, they could be the same gender as you – have you thought of that?

What happens if you’ve been catfished?

If you’ve suddenly realised that you’ve been the victim of a catfish scam, there are preventative measures you can take to help protect yourself.

Ghost Them ASAP

Block them ASAP – don’t even think about it. Just block, delete, and even change your email address and phone number (in the worst-case scenario). Unmatch their profiles on Tinder, Bumble or Hinge and block them on Facebook, etc.

Play their game

Reverse catfish and play their game until they get bored and know that you’ve caught onto them. They’ll soon realise that they’ve found out once your tone and demeanour change. As soon as they start being aggressive, it’s time to enact your exit strategy, which you can implement quickly. Blocking someone takes a few seconds.

Where to from here?

When you’re ready to resume dating and want to do it properly without the stress or headache of potentially being catfished again, it’s time to make the right move and chat with a dating service or matchmaker who will vet all matches so you only meet genuine people.

Kiss catfishing goodbye forever and call Robyn from Blue Label Life on 1300 553 510.

The impact of a relationship on your state of mind

The impact of a relationship on your state of mind

Romantic relationships are vital for your state of mind, and any romantic relationship, no matter your age or gender, can have a positive and negative impact on your overall mental health.

When they’re good, relationships can be amazing for your mental health. Meeting someone new and maintaining a good relationship can leave you feeling like you’re on cloud nine and walking on air. The feeling you get is like nothing else in the world; the lucky ones have all been there in the past and know what I mean. It’s euphoric. And, when they’re bad and going off the rails, we know the answer: it’s devastating. Better Health has a great article titled Strong Relationships; Strong Health tells us that being lonely or isolated can affect your mental, emotional and physical health. This article will explain how your relationship with people will affect your health and state of mind.


1. Enhanced Mental Health: Let’s face it, if you’re in a good relationship and connecting with someone, it’s a buzz and great for your mental state of mind. The Australian Institute of Family Studies tells us that Research consistently shows that married people have better mental health than single people do. It makes perfect sense. Just look at happy partners; you can see they rely on each other to help balance them out. When you are down, you can talk to your partner for a boost and vice versa. Being lonely without a sounding board can be disastrous for your mental state. Think about all those single, lonely people with negative thoughts and no one to talk to or get that much-needed boost. A nightmare scenario!

2. Stress Reduction and Emotional Support 24/7: How often have you come home from work and unleashed all your problems and daily stress on your partner? They are there for mental balance, emotional support and a good old chat. Without this camaraderie and crutch, people often turn to other means like drugs or alcohol, which solve nothing and exacerbate problems. An equal partner whom you can talk to is invaluable for your mental health, especially when they ask for nothing in return.

3. Longevity and Physical Health: Numerous studies show that life expectancy increases in good relationships. Single, lonely, insular people tend to experience chronic disease more, reducing their life expectancy. Happy people in a relationship will have a better mind and a more positive outlook on life and, therefore, be less prone or susceptible to illness. Strange as this may seem, it’s true.


1. Quality: Not all relationships are smooth sailing. We all know that things can turn sour between couples, and this can add to a massive spike in stress levels, anxiety and financial stress. So, it’s essential to see the telltale signs of a relationship downturn and try to mitigate this through counselling, respect and, above all, communication.

Also read: 13 Signs your in a Toxic Relationship

2. Men seem to gain the most: Studies have shown that men seem to benefit the most from a happy marriage. It’s not a huge difference, but there are studies that prove the old expression true: a happy wife is a happy life!

While romantic relationships are vital for your state of mind, the quality of this relationship is also a key (if not primary) component. The romantic spark will fade over time; this is inevitable, and you cannot consistently maintain that amorous sexual affection you have in the first couple of months going year after year, which is where the relationship quality kicks into gear based on respect, trust, and common life goals and expectations.

If you feel like you’re in a slump and a toxic relationship that seems to be on a repeat cycle of negativity and need to look at making a change, then this starts with you making the first step. You can also reach out to Robyn at Blue Label Life for some advice and perhaps see who else is out there on the dating scene that might turn your state of mind around.


10 Challenges Busy Professionals Face When It Comes To Dating

10 Challenges Busy Professionals Face When It Comes To Dating

Let’s face it: dating can be an absolute nightmare.

Being single, going on endless dates and putting on your dating face each time is exhausting. And, for busy professional people with a hectic and demanding job, going on dates is an arduous task. Following are 10 obstacles busy professionals and executives have when it comes to dating and finding a partner. See if you recognise any of these and find ways to help overcome them, making it easier to start dating.

Time Poor: Busy professionals will have demanding work schedules. They are running from meeting to meeting, managing people, being accountable and playing the corporate role. So how will they find the time to date, build meaningful connections with people, and fall in love if their job is essentially their life?

Stamina: Busy work schedules, including going to the gym to destress, can leave you feeling flat and burnt out, and the last thing you want to do is go on a date. How will you get that burst of energy and be enthusiastic for a date? Most execs will put downtime at home before meeting new people.

Priorities: What’s more important: working back and perhaps going to the office on the weekend or putting effort into meeting someone and finding your next partner? Career-driven professionals will put their work first and their love life down the list of priorities. When it comes to a work-life balance, in their case, it’s work, work, work!

Can’t Co-ordinate Schedules: If you’re going to date another professional or busy executive, finding quality time to spend together may prove too hard. What happens if one partner has to travel constantly and the whole long-distance relationship comes into play? Busy people with hectic jobs and perhaps kids from a previous marriage will find it challenging to have spare time.

Unrealistic Expectations: Busy professionals and high-powered executives, CEOs, etc, have achieved their position because they have high standards, which may also translate into the people they seek. Will their standards and expectations be too unrealistic?

Communication Challenges: Busy people may find it hard to answer texts, messages, and emails or become engaged in the other’s social media profiles, leading to a communication breakdown. In the early stages of a relationship, both partners must be freely communicating. And, with a mobile phone, there’s no excuse for a very quick response or emoji reply. If you’re too busy for this, it can spell disaster.

Stress and Pressure: High-pressure careers and demanding jobs can add stress and anxiety to people, affecting their ability to meet other people and find a partner. If you are too stressed out and highly strung, the other person will pick up on this, and it’s not a good look, especially for first dates.

Travel: Some careers require frequent travel overseas, making it almost impossible to maintain a domestic relationship.

Social Stigma: In some office cultures, working late, even till 8 or 9 pm, is common practice and ducking out for a date is frowned upon by other work colleagues and managers. Believe it or not, it does happen.

Lost your mojo: For guys in their late 40s, 50s or even 60s, being single and in a demanding career can mean that your sex drive has gone and the last thing you feel like doing is dating.

These challenges are all too common, and we hear them all the time, but the professional team of matchmakers at Blue Label Life can help you navigate this difficult path and help you find a partner. Robyn and her team know how hard it can be to juggle a career and the dating environment, so that she will be by your side throughout this process. At Blue Label Life, we’ll sort potential matches for you, saving you time and effort, meaning you only meet people who match your lifestyle and values. And yes, there has to be that certain chemistry, so we always show you their profiles before meeting them.

Ready for dating to be fun again?

The professional matchmakers at Blue Label Life use our years of experience, not AI or an algorithm, to match. Talk to us today and see the difference the human touch can make.

Have you found yourself dating a man who is unavailable or won't commit? This is WHY.

Have you found yourself dating a man who is unavailable or won’t commit? This is WHY.

Why date an unavailable man and one who isn’t committed to you? You will only do this if you feel you do not deserve to be a priority. So you have to say to yourself that it’s my turn, and I deserve to be with a man I am proud of and proud of me. I deserve to feel looked after and secure in our relationship, and I deserve to be a priority and to feel good about myself and the relationship.

You have to say to yourself that you deserve to feel valued, and I deserve to feel appreciated, and we focus on these feelings and not the man. So it would help to concentrate on how you feel in this relationship and the connection where you feel safe and reassured.

If you are dating a man that’s not committed, it could also be that you are not committed to yourself or find it challenging to commit to yourself. So the first step to dealing with this is to put yourself first and put what you want out of the relationship first. Next, you must take the focus off the man and put the spotlight back on yourself. Finally, you want to feel safe, secure and looked after.

When dating a man committed to you, you don’t even question whether or not they are committed to you. You never question if they are available or not. So the minute you don’t feel like a priority, move your attention away and focus on something else. Something that feels good and lifts you up. Or, put it towards another man because you deserve to be with a man that’s proud of you and who you’re proud of. This is the most important thing for you to remember. So sit back in your heart and appreciate the men that come towards you and move your attention away the minute you don’t feel like a priority. Move it to something positive, and always be open-minded about meeting a new person and having them in your life.

3 Top First Date Tips in 2023

3 Top First Date Tips in 2023

If you are new to the dating scene or have been recently single, divorced or find yourself unattached, the dating scene can be pretty daunting. 

With so many dating options and so many single people looking to find a partner, you have to be on top of your game if you are going to make an excellent first impression.

So, the following are 3 golden tips for Aussie singles going on a date.

1) What is a good first date?

The first date should be thought of as an experience. I always tell my clients not to meet for a coffee on the first date, and the reason for this is that it seems far too casual. A coffee catch-up, in many instances, is just that. A catch-up for a quick coffee, then you’re on your way. A fast coffee date doesn’t feel like there’s too much effort and shows a lack of imagination and romance. It feels more like a work meeting where you’re slotting each other in for a 30 to 60-minute meet-up. A first date should be at the weekend because you have more free time and are much more relaxed. Plus, meet early or late in the afternoon and make sure you meet somewhere lovely with a casual ambience for a quiet drink, with an atmosphere that has a bit of a buzz and somewhere where other people are around. It could be near the beach where you can get dressed up and show your date that you have made an effort to look good. It’s good to meet on the first date for a drink only because you are not stuck with the other person if you are not connecting and struggling for conversation. But, if you are clicking, this is the perfect segway to go and have a bite to eat (if you have time). Suppose you are not a drinker and must make it to the pub or wine bar. In that case, I suggest going for a walk (weather dependent) or doing an activity (seeing a show or going to the local markets or something interesting happening nearby). But the takeaway here is to make it an experience because you become more relaxed and you can get to know each other better. 

2) What to talk about and what not to talk about on a first date.

It’s best to avoid talking about past relationships or your experiences from past dates. Yes, there’s the temptation to discuss this but try to steer clear of these topics as they can become very pessimistic and sometimes become a counselling session. Remember you are on a date and want to have fun and get to know that other person. Previous bad date experiences close the door to this opportunity. So you want to keep the first date upbeat, positive and fun. Talk about things you are passionate about and love doing. Hobbies, jobs, travel, sport, pets, and anything that you love doing that might spark a positive common connection is a great conversation booster. Talk about things that inspire you and make you feel good. Remember, this will bring out the best in you and radiate positive energy, which is very attractive to the other person. Also, ask questions about the other person. What drives them, what are their life goals, what do they like doing, what makes them feel good, and when are they most happy? The conversation makes everyone feel good and brings a positive experience. From here, you’ll see the conversation start flowing a lot easier. 

3) Who should pay for the first date?

The man should pay! It shows character and responsibility, and above all, it shows care which is why I always suggest that you meet somewhere nice for a drink that is not overly expensive for a first date. I’ve got many men clients, and one thing I can tell you is that men always appreciate women who offer to pay their share of the bill. So girls, take note you should always put your hand in your pocket (even if it’s for a drink) and pay your half. But, if the man insists on paying, sit back and appreciate the decent gesture.  News backs this up in their article: Why men should always pay on the first date, where they say ‘Just imagine how someone like that will treat their significant other, their spouse. For a low, low price of 20, 30, 40 dollars or whatever, you learned that the person in front of you does not have the basic courtesy to pretend to offer to pay.’

There are many other crucial first-date tips, but these 3 should be enough to point you in the right direction. Of course, if you need any other dating tips or would like to reach out and get further advice, I’m more than happy to help you succeed on the dating scene.

Tips to Overcome your Insecurity to Find Love - blue label life

Tips to Overcome your Insecurity to Find Love

We are all insecure, which can affect our happiness, well-being and love life.

Finding happiness in life can be challenging if you let your insecurities get the better of you and start dictating who you are as a person.

Tips to Overcome your Insecurity to Find Love - blue label life

In some cases, people’s insecurities can be so bad they find it hard to meet other people; even going outside for a walk can prove challenging. But, if you are looking to meet someone special and open yourself up to finding love, then you have to conquer your insecurities and not let them get the better of you., As hard as this, you can meet a partner and find happiness if you recognise your insecurities and face them head-on. You can’t feel like a rockstar every day but when you’re feeling a bit blue and down about yourself ( yes, everyone gets these feelings), remember they are manageable, and there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Following are some golden tips to help you beat your insecurities, become more confident and start dating again.

1) Confront your feelings rather than avoid them. You have to understand who you are and what insecurities you have before you can move forward. Never brush these under the table in the hope they’ll disappear but confront them, address each insecurity and look at ways to manage them. For example, if you fear meeting new people, you must acknowledge this before going on a date. Practice small talk with a friend in a social setting before going on a date, and get used to being in this type of one-on-one situation. Keep doing this until you gain more confidence and feel relaxed in a cafe meeting someone for coffee. Over time you’ll soon forget about meeting new people in a social setting.

2) Set realistic goals. Don’t be too hard on yourself; never set an exact time frame for overcoming your insecurities; this added pressure will only worsen matters. Instead, remember to be kind to yourself; your insecurities will dissipate slowly over time with enough effort and practice.

3) Prepare yourself for setbacks and be able to know that these are temporary. For example, if you are insecure about meeting a new person for the first time and going on a date, and things go pear-shaped, use this experience as a learning curve for the next time. Don’t throw your arms up in the air and give up; steady your resolve and know that this is just part of the learning process as your body and mind adjust to new and stressful situations. It’s all about learning what triggers your insecurities, confronting them, and accepting that overcoming them is not linear. There are ups and downs, but acceptance is key to being your best person.

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4) Embrace all of your characteristics and learn to love yourself. You will never change who you are, but you can learn to understand all your insecurities, and once you know them, you can start addressing them and see why they are hindering your quest for love. Hating yourself will only lead to more self-loathing and perpetuate your insecurities. Never cast this negative shadow over yourself; instead, embrace them openly as being who you are. Healthline tells us to: take inventory of everything you’re doing right. Chances are, your thoughts about yourself aren’t taking into account the hundreds of positive micro-decisions we make on a daily basis.

5) Challenge all negative thoughts and remember they are just thoughts. They come, and they go, simple as that. So, for example, if you start feeling insecure before a date, know that these only mind thoughts can leave as quickly as they came. Do not let these negative thoughts dictate who you are or what you are about to do, especially if it’s as essential as finding a partner. Challenge all these negative thoughts and feelings constructively and try to put a positive spin on every negative emotion. It takes practice, but you soon realise you can beat your insecurities and negative thought patterns.

6) Surround yourself with positive, encouraging people who give you positive energy and an upbeat outlook. Positive people’s power will rub off on you and help you overcome your insecurities.

7) Listen to other people’s stories about overcoming their insecurities. You are not alone in this journey. Sometimes you may feel like you are the only person in the room with problems, but the one takeaway from this is; that you are just one of the billions of people with issues. Never be afraid to reach out and talk to people, even professionals, who can guide you down a better pathway.

8) Do things that make you happy. It doesn’t matter what it is; a walk in the park, shopping or just sitting in a cafe. Do things that make you happy and bring some joy to your life. Sitting and stewing over what might not happen and worrying endlessly will not solve anything. Be proactive in putting yourself number1!

9) Let go of people and situations that fuel your insecurities. Ditch negative people who ignite your fears and fuel those negative emotions and insecurities. Block them from your phone, don’t follow them on social media, delete these people out of your life and instead bring in positive, genuine people who love you for who you are.

10) Be happy with your progress, whether big or small. Like everything in life, it all begins with a few small steps. So congratulate yourself on each victory (no matter how small – it might be a 5-minute phone conversation with a new person you intend to meet), and be happy that you are taking a proactive approach to dealing with your internal issues.

Mosman Dating Agency Services

Are you looking to find love in Mosman?

Have you been on endless dates that go nowhere and are looking to meet the perfect person who lives near or is a local to the Mosam area?

Then contact us at Blue Label Life; we have got the Mosman area covered when it comes to exclusive dating and matchmaking. As one of Mosman’s preferred dating services, we can match you with your equal; someone like you is searching for the love of their life.

Here at Blue Label Life, we believe that everyone deserves to find love no matter what stage they are in their life. Most singles that come to us are from all over Sydney, but if you are keen on meeting someone who lives on the North Shore, Northern Beaches or Mosman area, we can help. We know how hard travelling can be in crowded Sydney, so if you’re not keen to travel over the bridge or head out west, we can match you with someone who lives either in the Mosman area or very close by.

Finding your perfect partner is now very doable and within your grasp. All you need to do is contact Robyn, who will be able to arrange a private, discreet one-on-one meeting to go over your preferences, lifestyle, and what you’re looking for in a person. From there, we go through our database, choose someone local to Mosman or nearby and send you their profile for viewing. It’s as easy as that!

Our clients are diverse, professional and executives, but all genuinely seek a real connection, commitment and long-term love.

Blue Label Life caters specifically for professionals, divorcees, seniors and singles in Mosman, meaning that a wonderful person could be closer than you think. Making the first move is often the hardest, but if you are willing to do this, we can help you on the pathway to finding true and meaningful love.